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Sep 8, 2007 07:40 PM

Vegas, price no object

Going to Vegas soon and will be entertaining clients and friends - Got a great expense account -- which restaurants would/have you gone to really enjoy the food with fine ambiance? Thanks -- A Lucky Lady.

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  1. There are several truly excellent choices, assuming you're talking about an intimate group:

    (1) Joel Robuchon. My personal favorite in Las Vegas, it is arguably one of the top restaurants in the country. Great food, great service, great atmosphere. The way to go is the sixteen course tasting menu, so be prepared to spend all evening here. Figure $500/person, or a LOT more if you like wine. I have a full review at .
    (2) Guy Savoy. While I rank it number 2, there are many who would rate it above Robuchon. The atmosphere is slightly less formal, and slightly friendlier, but the differences are not huge. Again, the tasting menu is the way to go, although regular three course meals are available as well. Prices are ever so slightly less than at Joel Robuchon. Review at .
    (3) Alex. Compared to the other two, a bargain - if you can call $200 - $300 per person a bargain. I prefer the six (or 7?) course tasting menu, but the regular 3 course meals are also good. Review at .

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      I loved your site. I'm going to Las Vegas in 2 months. I already have Alex and Joel Robuchon on my list, as well as Aureole (I'm a big fan of the New York location) and Michael Mina (I'm staying at the Bellagio, and I've already been to Le Cirque and Picasso). Thanks again!

      1. re: Larry

        Thank you Larry!

        Mr CF and I will be in Vegas in early October and your response to the OP is very helpful.

        I think we are going to try Bouchon (though you didn't mention it, Mr CF was there in February and raved) and Alex. I had originally thought that we would go to Joel Robuchon at the Mansion... and who knows? We might still do that!

        Thanks again!

        1. re: Larry

          Thanks, ellenost and Cookiefiend! CF, I didn't mention Bouchon, but it is indeed good - it's my favorite breakfast spot in Las Vegas.

        2. Yeah, Guy Savoy would be my choice with an unlimited budget. The meal I had there was only second to The French Laundry.

          1. We were at Picasso last week, and especially if you're an art geek, it really is quite a special experience.

            You can find my review at -