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Sep 8, 2007 07:33 PM

Daisy May's Big Pig Gig

On the menu for the Big Pig Gig the owners say a Whole Pig feeds up to 12 people but on this site people have said the whole pig could feed up to twenty people...I'm thinking of doing this with a group of about 20 people...should I buy two pigs or just one? Are the oweners overselling? If you've experienced the whole pig...what is your advice?

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  1. Had the Big Pig. There were 20 of us. We order 2 extra orders of ribs just cause we loved the ribs. There were 5 full take out containers of pork left over. A few pieces of advice, its BYOB so certainly enjoy that. We brought tons of beer, bourbon, vodka made a night of it. We also ordered a 2 - 3 extra sides. For 20 people there were not enough sides. Also, bring your own deserts if you guys are into desert. There will certainly be enough pig to go around.

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      We had 12 of us for the big pig. Way too much, and as noted, lots of leftovers. I couldnt bear to see any more pork after all that, but the rest of our dining compatriots cheerfully loaded up and took some home.

      You must most definitely BYO for this event. It is well worth it.

      1. re: AKR

        is it possible to order only a half pig for around 6-10 people because it says it only reserves seats for 6 people