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Sep 8, 2007 07:00 PM

Korean Banquet Hall & Restaurant in GTA

I am in the process of planning my wedding and having great difficulty. I'm Korean and my fiance is a nice Canadian boy who really wants to have Korean food served at our wedding. Funny enough, I personally think it would just be easier to go the traditional route (beef or chicken, potatoes, and veggies), regardless of how boring it may be. Does anyone know of a Korean restaurant with great food but also has facilities large enough to accommodate 120-140 people? Preferably with an area to dance as well? I haven't had any luck searching on the net. We live Burlington and we're looking for something in the Mississauga/Toronto area.

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  1. Ever thought about hiring Korean chefs for the wedding dinner? Might be easier than finding a venue that matches your requirements.

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      I thought about that but I've had trouble finding a Korean caterer. I would prefer not to have to coerce our family and friends to help with any sort of set-up or clean-up and I don't know if Korean caterers do all of that for you.

    2. Sariwon has ads that say they do Banquet Halls and Weddings. They have really good food. They are at 7388 Yonge St (N of Steeles). 905-881 5103. I think their Banquet facilities are upstairs since the downstairs looks nothing like the banquet pic in their menu. Either that or they really meant catering. Good luck with the wedding.

      1. Sariwon might be an OK place - I remember being at a function before (upstairs), but not too sure if 120-140 people would fit. Perhaps you should go and visit.

        Shilla Dynasty - Family Restaurant
        I know they have an upstairs - and they do weddings/banquets. I think their upstairs is a little bigger - but I am not too sure. In the past, it didn't look great - but I know they did a makeover (on some TV show). Maybe you should check them out too. Location is not as good as Sariwon, but personally, I liked their food more.

        1161 Weston Road
        Toronto Ontario M6M 4P5
        (416) 247-2007

        I don't think that either restaurant serves the guests, like at a "Western" place. Both places had buffet stations when I was at functions there.

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          Thanks! I've heard a lot of people on other posts mention Shilla Dynasty. I'm just not sure about it because of the's a little sketchy. I remember going there when I was a child and the food was relatively good. I think I may check it out.

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            kgirl, there isn't any decent korean banquet halls. Shilla is perhaps fine for a casual, mostly korean banquet but I wouldn't recommend them for a wedding, especially people who are not familiar with korean food. The place is frankly, tired looking and does desperately need a makeover. They were featured in a wedding show, not a makeover show. The food is adequate but nothing to rave about. Worst case, have a non korean meal but have lots of korean pastry on hand. Good luck.