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Sep 8, 2007 06:30 PM

ISO Great Chili

It's our friends 60th and we thought we would take him to the BEST chili place around. I remember reading at one time a place where you got to choose a chili, toppings etc. Anyone remember? We are willing to go almost anywhere in SoCal...we live in OC but are willing to go the distance for it.

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  1. Maybe you mean Chili My Soul in Encino? They have 30 different chili's every day, from mild to hot hot, veggie, beef, turkey and a wide variety of toppings. They give you samples galore and then you order what you like.

    Location is really on Balboa Ave at 16847 Ventura Blvd next door to Smart and Final.

    Chili My Soul
    4928 Balboa Blvd, Encino, CA 91316

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      I'd have to say that Chili My Soul has gone downhill, sadly. The store is often on the dirty side, the help are young and a little clueless, the big guy that makes the chili isn't around as much, the little extras (veggies and dipping sauce) are often not offered, and the prices have gone way up. I used to make the trek up from the Westside regularly to eat there, but have finally crossed it off the list.

      I like the chili at WolfeBurgers in Pasadena on Lake. Just normal old chili, but good. Chili John's has a cool vibe and look, but is pure grease.

    2. You should consider Chili John's in Burbank. It's an old school place with a horseshoe shaped counter. The chili can be ordered straight or over beans. I like mine with beans. The kids like it over spaghetti. Onions and oyster crackers are plentiful, and cheddar cheese can be ordered. They close for a few months in the summer, but they generally re-open on Labor Day.