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Sep 8, 2007 06:29 PM

Wholesale burgers & dogs?

I'm organizing a charity BBQ for Car Free Day and need a supplier for burgers & dogs (both veggie and regular). Organic would be nice, but this is a fund raiser and budget is very minimal. Other than NoFrills, I'm not sure where to check. Please help!

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  1. Try CARDINAL FOODS. They manufacture most of the burgers for chains in TO. They have anoutlet for th egeneral public. I believe they have approx. sixty grades of burgers.

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    1. re: Danybear

      What's the highest grade of Cardinal burgers? What chain or independent restaurant has the best Cardinal burgers?

      1. re: BLM

        Costco has several high grade Cardinal burger boxes, and I think there is one vegetarian with portobello

        1. re: jayt90

          Being a former hot dog vendor... here's a good tip. There's a small place that just sells the dogs and sausages... at a ridiculously low price, and they're tasty. It's on peter street just north of king by the holiday inn. There's a double parking lot that it is next to. Sorry I can't remember the name, but it's a little place.. something hot dog... anyways, they are delicious and like 9 bucks for 30 dogs, plus those nice vendor buns.

          1. re: mzmcgee

            it's actually on Widmer St, one block east of Peter St, other side of the Holiday Inn.

            1. re: blee

              thought i was getting it mixed up.. thanks

    2. Kerr Farms has an Angus burger listed on their site. It's almost organic and local.

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      1. re: blueyed_blond

        Kerr farms is big business now, with Angus beef getting a major push into becoming a luxury brand name (it's not really better than Hereford or Shorthorn, but an easier sell). Kerr buys beef from all over Ontario, hardly local. And they operate Utopia canned products, with far more tomatoes in the can than they can produce on the outskirts of Chatham.
        They are good marketers!

        1. re: jayt90

          I consider Ontario to be local.

          I also think you're mistaken about Kerr operating the Utopia brand. According to my can it says "Thomas Canning" does. I think Kerr is only one of the farmers they use.

          1. re: blueyed_blond

            Kerr Farms website refers to Thomas Utopia organic tomatoes as "our tomatoes". They supply all the organic tomatoes for the Utopia brand from their Chatham farm. Thomas, according to their own website, produces other tomato products, and uses other sources, from Lambton, Kent and Essex, for non-organic products. None of the canned tomatoes come from the 400 acre Thomas farm in Essex... You are right, Kerr does not operate the Utopia brand, but they do claim the organic canned tomatoes as theirs.

      2. Soloway's Hot Dog Factory has a downtown depot on Richmond East. I think their main location is on Alness St. in Downsview. Note that I am not endorsing their products.