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Sep 8, 2007 04:40 PM

Sizzling Rice Soup

I used to go to a restaurant that would serve this soup. I cannot find a recipe anywhere. Can any Chowhounds help?

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  1. You make the rice crusts by cooking a pot of white rice until done. Scoop out the center and leave about1/2-3/4" layer on the bottom and sides/et it dry out on a very,very slow flame. Allow to cool.

    This is the traditional way, but you can also use cooked white rice spread thin on a baking sheet sprayed with Pam, and baked in a very slow oven....200 degrees until crisp.

    When you are ready to serve your soup, break up the crusts into large pieces. Deep fry until crisp. Drain on paper towels.

    Place in bottom of serving bowl and pour hot soup over crusts.

    1. > I cannot find a recipe anywhere.

      Really? That's weird. I typed sizzling rice soup into Google and found many variations, including these:

      Does the one you're looking for have any specific ingredients other than the rice that might help track down a recipe online?

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        The one I am used to having included shrimp, peas, mushrooms and a tomato type broth that was sort of sweet. The sweetness may be from ketchup or maybe honey. Very good soup. The best. The restaurant I had it at has since closed down.I could google it, but you chowhounds have the best.

        I checked the recipes, but none of them were tomato based. I may just add ketchup to one of the recipies or v-8.

        1. re: CHEFBUCK

          Here's one that calls for ketchup & shrimp - you could always add peas & mushrooms and see how close it is!

          1. re: kpzoo

            Dear Chefbuck,

            Could you tell us where that restaurant was located? My family and I went to a Chinese restaurant that served that soup as well and it was tomato based sizzling rice soup with shrimp in it and we really looked forward to eating there if for nothing else but that soup! And sadly it did close. The restaurant was located in CC,C and if it's the same one you will know exactly where I am saying it was located. Please reply. My husband and I are on a crusade to find out the recipe for this soup.