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Sep 8, 2007 04:15 PM

Some Good Vietnamese-Chinese Restaurant in Reno

This is my first time in Reno for a business trip, having to stay in Reno for 2 weeks, I notice that there aren't too many great asian restaurant around the place. My first night here, (stayed at the Circus) it went with my friends to Golden Flower (a vietnamese restaurant), I ordered the special beef noodles soup, and my friend ordered a pan-fried noodles with seafood, and a chicken fried rice. My soup came out to be a bowl full of oil soup, and the pan-fried noodles were too soggy. Not only that the food was blah, the service was horrible. I asked for some more ice water, the skinny lady didn't refill my water until I was all done eating and asked for the bill. That night gave me a bad image of Reno. The next afternoon after we got done with our meeting, we went to another vietnamese restaurant called 777. We've heard great comments on the pho there from a server at Circus so we decided to give it a try.The price for the food was reasonable, a meal for three of us was around $18. But the only negative is the rare stake for the pho on a side was still in ice (frozen) when it was serve on my table. For the rest of the week, my friends and I decided that we should quit eating vietnamese food in Reno. But I'm asian and I love Chinese and Vietnamese food, I still have about 6 days left in Reno, if there's anyone who know the place, please give me some advice on a good place, I really do not want to eat American food, or Olive Garden anymore.

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  1. If you want real good Chinese food try China East at South Virgina and Vasser, just south of downtown. Try the speciality dishes like whole steamed rock cod or the salty fish fried rice. Not a fancy place and prices are not too high either compared to some of the new Asian Bistro places. I think you pay more for a square plate...
    We don't have too much in the way of real Japanese places, if you want more then just sushi. Sushi we have tons of, and most have the all you can eat option fo about $20 dinner and $15 for lunch. Sushi Club has the best fish to rice ratio I have found. It is located on Moana near Virgina, sorry I don't have the address handy but they are in the yellow pages. We actually have better Asian food here then I thought when I moved to the area, you just have to find it....

    1. For Vietnamese, I like Saigon Pearl, which is located off the lobby of the El Cortez Hotel (2nd and Arlington). I think it's the best Vietnamese in town. There is also a new place that I haven't been to in the same shopping mall as the Target and Sierra Trading Post off Virginia St.--I haven't been yet, but there have been good reports about it.

      If you like Thai, Thai Royal House near Kietzke and Moana is my favorite in town.

      Chinese that I've tried here has been good, but not great. I haven't tried the place MofCarson suggests; there is also a new place Peony that has had very good reviews and mentions here, but I have no personal experience there.

      1. A new Vietnamese place that's pretty good is Pho. It opened a month or so ago. It's discussed in this thread along with another good Vietnamese restaurant, Asian Noodles.
        Asian Noodles is in the Costco Shopping Center on Plumb Lane almost to U.S. 395. Pho is near Target on South Virginia Street a couple blocks south of Neil Road.
        A new place in Sparks I like is called Saigon 88. It is both Vietnamese and Thai.
        Another Vietnamese place, and its name slips my mind now, shares a spot with a Port of Subs in Shopper's Square at South Virginia and Plumb Lane.
        For Chinese, try Peony:
        J also like Soochow at McCarran and East Prater Way in Sparks, near Saigon 88.

        Thai Royal House was a good restaurant, but it's closed. It's a sushi place now.

        I haven't liked Golden Flower since the original owner sold it 15 years ago.

        1. By the way, for a chance of pace, try the $10 lunch buffet at Chutney, a new Indian restaurant in the same shopping center as Asian Noodles. Lots of delicious tastes.

          1. Ditto on the China East and Asian Noodles recommendations, my favorite for chinese and vietnamese in town. And I second Steve's recommendation of Chutney for Indian food - it's great!