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Sep 8, 2007 02:39 PM

Gluten Free Crock Pot Cooking

SO we got a crock pot as a gift and I went out and bought several cookbooks. Here is my problem. My husband has Celiac so I cannot cook with FLour, Oats, Barley or RYe. I am noticing that most of the recipes call for flour. I assume it is because the sauces need to thicken during the long cooking process. Does anyone have a good recipe that does not require flour? I still have not found an appealing recipe, so my crock pot sits unused!

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  1. If you both like lamb, this one might be great...we loved it! Ground lamb stew with eggplant and tomatoes, VERY tasty and thick:

    1. Does your husband have issues with cornstarch. If not try a cornstarch slurry. Simply mix equal parts cornstarch and water with your fingers until starch disolves. Do this in small batches. Once mixed add to what is a soup. It will not get as thick as with flour, but will thicken the stew nicely

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        A caution, do not slow cook with cornstarch. Cornstarch doesn't work the same as flour and the thickening agent won't hold up over long, slow cooking. Cook your stew or whatever and add the cornstach slurry a few minutes before you serve.

      2. Tapioca is used as a thickener sometimes and is gluten free. I don't know if it imparts a taste at all as I have never used it. I come across it in some crock pot recipes.

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          Tapioca starch is a fantastic thickener, and I use it in place of corn starch for all my needs. No flavour and readily available at any Asian market.

          Just putting chunks of cassava in might do the trick, too. I would assume that the long cooking time would be more than sufficient to destroy the toxins.

        2. Do some searching... in my experience most crock pot recipes do not require flour.

          When they do, it is usaully to make a gravy with the liquid after the 4/6/8 hour cooking time.

          You can make gravy with with cornstarch or tapioca as others have said or you can make a roux with rice flour.

          Good Luck,

          1. As others have noted, try a flour substitute if the issue is a thickening agent. Does he have any trouble with potatoes? Not only will mashed potatoes thicken a soup/stew, but you can buy potato starch, sometimes sold as potato flour. It acts kind of like cornstarch only moreso, so I gather (have only begun to experiment). And apparently it's gluten-free:


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              OK - I don't have experience with a lot of crock pot cooking, because I have never encountered a recipe with flour. I don't use mine much, and don't tend to use recipes (yes at time dinner is roulette at my house!) I have had success with chicken thighs cooked with lots of onion slices, tumeric, crushed garlic, coriander, and cumin. Also there is always the toss the meat or beans in with salsa trick. I would search for slow cooker recipes on here, because Idon't think most use flour.

              BUT you probably already know - potato starch is NOT potato flour. They are different. You can sub potato flour or rice flour or any GF flour blend as a thickener, or you can use potato, tapioca, or corn starch in a slurry.