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Sep 8, 2007 02:22 PM

Eating in downtown Sacramento

I've got 2 days of a conference and want to find something terrific to eat to make up for the long hours inside. Will be near the capitol. Would love recommendations.

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  1. Do a search for Sac reccos.

    Do you like beer?

    Brew It Up! is nice with a good happy hour, fantastic beers and pretty good dinners.

    The Rubicon (20th and Capitol) is nice for down home funkiness. Great beers and the best food for cheap in the city. Great atmosphere too.

    Pyramid brewing (K St mall) is kind of a yuppie place good food and upscale brewery atmosphere.

    Nest to the Rubicon is The Waterboy. msot people here think it is the best option in town. Great food, atmosphere. Love the sweetbreads and scallops.

    AHHHHHHHHNold eats at the Esquire Grill. Clubby, old school dinner hosue with great food, steaks chops etc. All of the politicos go here.

    There are a lot of other options so use the search feature.

    1. Lots of good stuff near the Capitol. Gaylords has a great Indian lunch buffet with excellent naan and curry in a very nice restaurant. The Buckhorn Grill has some of the best tri-tip in Northern California and is perfect for either lunch or dinner. Rubicon is a good bet for brewpub food, although I much prefer the beer at Brew It Up. I think Chops is the best steakhouse in the area with on-site aged beef. Lucca and Esquire are the Governator's favorite places.