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Sep 8, 2007 02:19 PM

Chicago: Sunday dinner recs

I will be in Chicago tomorrow, participating in the Field's/Macy's protest. Staying at the Hilton and Towers overnight. As for schedule, definitely plan on hearing the CSO at Millennium Park at 4 pm, no other firm plans. I am wondering whether to hit one of the neighborhoods for some Neapolitan pizza (too bad Spacca is closed on Sunday I believe) or try a place like Lula. Don't mind travelling to get there (directions welcome!). Any advice??

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  1. Since the weather's supposed to be perfect, like today, I'd just walk. From Millenium Park, just walk north on Michigan til you cross the river, and you're within a few blocks of a lot of great choices, most a few blocks west. There's Bistro 110 just off Michigan near Water Tower for traditional French, Brasserie Jo for French bistro food at Hubbard and State, tapas at Cafe Iberico at Chicago and La Salle, and tons more. The three I mentioned are really good, although except for Iberico, I'm not sure what exactly is open on Sunday evening.

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      I have been to Chicago many times and know all those places. Guess I was looking more for things away from the tourist throngs.

    2. My favorite place for true Italian pizza is Follia (953 W. Fulton). The atmosphere is trendy and sleek and their food it outstanding. You can go in and spend quite a bit on dinner or you can go and order a pizza and a few beers and get out of there for a pretty good price. They fly in their mozzarella from Italy a few times a week. Excellent ingredients. Have you been to Avec? It's another favorite and fun on Sunday because it's a bit more relaxed. The address is 615 W. Randolph. If you want a good neighborhood place, I would also recommend Hopleaf (5148 N. Clark). It's a bit of a hike, but totally worth it! They have an amazing list of beers from all over the world and just about the best mussels and frites in the city. Plus, the neighborhood is nice for a walk after or before dinner.

      1. Check out Volo on Roscoe/Damen. They have three kinds of flatbread which are AMAZING!! One of their Chefs used to work with Wolfgang Puck. They also have an extensive wine list and great outdoor patio in back - and with the weather, will be a great place to sit outside. It is also very low key and in a great neighborhood free of tourists

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          I second this rec whole-heartedly, and could not have said it better myself! Volo is fantastic.

        2. Well,decided to go to Follia.. Space was nice, but noisy (they were quite busy). Server was okay, busy, but got the sense he catered to regulars more than newcomers. Pizza very good, pineapple dessert with coconut gelato was excellent.