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Sep 8, 2007 02:15 PM

Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co in Canmore - the restaurant

If you are ever in Canmore, or passing through, and want something more substantial than the fare at Communitea (which is great), the RMFC restaurant just opened full service dinner a month ago.

We have been there twice already. Obviously a huge selection of their flatbreads, salads, amazing veg soups (that even my avowed veg-hater husband enjoys), pastas, everything is great. THe kid's macaroni & cheese is made from organic handmade pasta, no goopy orange sludge here. A light white sauce and parmesan slivers dressing the chewiest elbows (well they're ruffled, but I don't konw the name). The vegetable curry lasagne was amazing, perfectly seasoned, topped with goat cheese. I will try the Hoven beef lasagne next time.

ANd if you have children, they have a play area right beside the eating area where the offspring can be obnoxious with impunity as you enjoy your food.

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  1. There is one in Vancouver too! What is great about this place (other than the great tasting pizza and the kids' area so you can eat your pizza while your kids play) is that it is peanut/nut - free for those of us who have allergies, or kids with allergies!

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      The Rocky Mountain Flatbread make the best pizza in Western Canada!! I love them, wood-fired ovens with fresh & interesting toppings & as already stated - totally child friendly which is great when you have a boisterous 3yo. I am very fussy about what my daughter eats in terms of quality & provenance - this place with it's seemingly made in-house policy & reliance on locally produced, organic food is a treasure for discerning parents.

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        I don't get why their first expansion out of Canmore was to Vancouver instead of Calgary- I'm jealous :(

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            Okay, we went on the weekend, had the sunworks pizza. Very tasty! Popular and busy place.

        1. With three six and under, meals at restos are challenging and often avoided because we don't want to be "those people with the noisy kids." RFMC sounds like a wonderful the play area! If we go everywhere I want to this weekend I won't have cooked a single meal and there'll be a substantial dent in my pocketbook lol :)