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Sep 8, 2007 02:12 PM

ground lamb - seems suspicously cheap

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I just bought .72 pounds of ground lamb for $1.73 at a Food Emporium in Manhattan. The butcher said that it was fatty but fresh ground today. Is this the going rate for ground lamb in NYC? I rarely cook with meat and was expecting it to be more pricey. I don't mind if it's a little fatty, I'm just wondering if there is other stuff mixed into it.

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  1. The " wondering if there is other stuff mixed into it" would have been a good question for the butcher.

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      Unless you bought it from the back of a truck, I can almost guarantee there is no "other stuff mixed into it". Its most likely just the fat and crap that was trimmed off the shoulder, rack, etc.

    2. That seems really cheap, I agree. At the Greenmarket, I paid $11/lb last week (and wonder if that was astronomically expensive!) and it goes for $9.50/lb at the meat/cheese provider associated with my CSA: http://www.csapasturedmeatandpoultry....

      1. That seems suspiciously cheap. I bought some a month or so ago at my local ShopRite and it was $3.99 a pound. Wish I could get some at your price!

        1. I would not suspect that anything has been "added" to it. It is more about what is not there and that would be the better cuts of lamb. Like with plain ground beef (not chuck or sirloin) the ground lamb was probably scraps and trimmings. It makes for a good shepherds pie, if I was making something like lamb burgers I would ask the butcher to grind some for me from lamb stew meat of the leg. Then I would of course expect to pay more for it too.

          1. A lot of the ground meat that you see are meat from animals that are too old to sell the way it is. So I would also be very suspicious of your deal.