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Sep 8, 2007 12:48 PM

Cliff restaurant in Puerta Vallarta?

I visited Puerta Vallarta about 15 years ago and recall driving up a windy road to a quaint little restaurant way up with an amazing view. I notice posts about Vista Grill, but it seems so much more fancy than this place was (especially on their website). Did they renovate, or are there several restaurants up on a hill with a great view? I'd love to be in that restaurant again.
We will be visiting PV in mid-October, I'm eager to find some authentic Yucatanian food somewhere as well. I had my first taste on my honeymoon in Cancun, and I'll never forget how good those flavors were!! Thanks.

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  1. I visited Puerto Vallarta on MY honeymoon in 1986 and recall an similar place! I dont have any record of what the name was either. Someday I will go back ... does anyone know how to find this place? Good luck finding "Yucatan" cuisine in PV, however, since it is quite far from the Yucatan Peninsula.

    1. There is a restaurant called Le Kliff which is well south of Puerto Vallarta. It has a website at Overlooking Puerto Vallarta at the end of a very windy road with a fantastic view is Las Carmelitas, website

      1. Thanks guys. Le Kliff might be it. I remember driving for about an hour, when you say well south, is it more than that?

        1. I think I've found it! El Palomar? Anyone heard of it? I found it on a Trip advisor's review (
          It sounds like the place.

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            El Palomar has a great view similar to Vista Grill. But it's only a five minute cab ride from downtown Puerto Vallarta. It gets great reviews but it's very expensive and touristy.