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Cliff restaurant in Puerta Vallarta?

mintjulep Sep 8, 2007 12:48 PM

I visited Puerta Vallarta about 15 years ago and recall driving up a windy road to a quaint little restaurant way up with an amazing view. I notice posts about Vista Grill, but it seems so much more fancy than this place was (especially on their website). Did they renovate, or are there several restaurants up on a hill with a great view? I'd love to be in that restaurant again.
We will be visiting PV in mid-October, I'm eager to find some authentic Yucatanian food somewhere as well. I had my first taste on my honeymoon in Cancun, and I'll never forget how good those flavors were!! Thanks.

  1. Cheflambo Sep 8, 2007 01:02 PM

    I visited Puerto Vallarta on MY honeymoon in 1986 and recall an similar place! I dont have any record of what the name was either. Someday I will go back ... does anyone know how to find this place? Good luck finding "Yucatan" cuisine in PV, however, since it is quite far from the Yucatan Peninsula.

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      mexivilla Sep 9, 2007 06:08 AM

      There is a restaurant called Le Kliff which is well south of Puerto Vallarta. It has a website at www.lekliff.com. Overlooking Puerto Vallarta at the end of a very windy road with a fantastic view is Las Carmelitas, website www.lascarmelitas.com.

      1. m
        mintjulep Sep 9, 2007 04:24 PM

        Thanks guys. Le Kliff might be it. I remember driving for about an hour, when you say well south, is it more than that?

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          mintjulep Sep 9, 2007 05:54 PM

          I think I've found it! El Palomar? Anyone heard of it? I found it on a Trip advisor's review (www.tripadvisor.com).
          It sounds like the place.

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          1. re: mintjulep
            mexivilla Sep 10, 2007 05:56 AM

            El Palomar has a great view similar to Vista Grill. But it's only a five minute cab ride from downtown Puerto Vallarta. It gets great reviews but it's very expensive and touristy.

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