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Sep 8, 2007 11:48 AM


Visited a 'new' Restaurant last night, Vista del Mar ON Miraflores, Mijas Costa.

Saw an 'A' Board promoting their Spanish Night , thought we'd give it a go - Buffet style meal, choice of about 10 hot and cold dishes - Their Chef cooked fresh Paella (Fish 'n' Chicken) on the Terrace and we ate 'under the stars' serenaded by a Spanish Guitarist- nice touch they lit Roman style candles at dusk to add to the ambience.

The food was amazing, so many flavours - the whole placed oozed Tranquility - will definately try their Sunday & Wednesday BBQ's.

Hey, if you're missing home, they have internet facilities, bring your PC, buy a card and LOG ON - Coool

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