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Sep 8, 2007 11:45 AM

Smoked Oysters...Suggestions?

I took home several cans of smoked Pacific N.W. oysters from Costco but they have languished in the cupboard for months. They have a good intense oyster flavour, but they are also very smoky.

Any suggestions to tame the smokiness?

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  1. The only way we ever used these was to serve on crackers with slices of cheese (cheddar, jack...).

    Mmmmm, I haven't had that snack in years!

    1. I've made a dip using smoked oysters. Haven't made it in years, but I still have the recipe if you want it.

      1. Sliced baguette with a thin spread of mayo, topped with the oyster!

        1. I make a "hangtown" fry with them. Warm them in a skillet, push them aside scramble eggs, carefully mix them together and top with real crunchy bacon bits. This is a Sunday night dinner quite often for us.

          1. For a party type occasion, you could make little puff pastry cups and fill them with a "mousse"
            made from smoked oysters and cream cheese.

            For a more casual snack, I drain the oil, add lemon juice and tabasco, and put them on saltines. Thats one of my favorite things.