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Sep 8, 2007 11:37 AM

Has anyone been to Rosario's (Daytona Beach) lately?

We haven't been to Rosario's since he left the Old Oak Inn. I've heard conflicting reports that his restaurant is at Pelican Bay, but I've also seen a sign beachside in North Daytona Beach. Anyone been lately?

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  1. Rosario sold his restaurant somtime towards the end of 2007, I think. Anyway, the new people closed after about 6 months. Rosario is now at Gaff's Meat Mkt. and Specialty Foods in Ormond....he is manager, butcher and chef. Not the same as sit-down, but great to find you can still take home his great food, some great steaks and deli meats, and pick up a bottle of wine to take home!!!