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Sep 8, 2007 10:27 AM

Costa Verde in Arlington

It's been a couple of years since I last visited Costa Verde, and it looked fairly deserted on Friday night. Such a shame, because this humble Peruvian joint still puts out better food than 80 per cent of the restaurants out there. Their fish is so simple and delicious (particularly the pescado a la chorillana - fish with white onion sauce) that it rates as one of the best fish preparations in the Washington area. For folks living in DC and Arlington, this should be a required address to know.

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  1. Did you eat there, or were you just driving by? We haven't been for dinner in ages, so haven't followed how crowded it is in the evenings. Lunchtime, it's been pretty empty.

    The last couple of lunches have given us ceviche mixto that was not as good as it used to be: fish not well-trimmed, and squid that tasted less than pristine. On the latter, I had been noticing the same thing in other restaurants and so assumed it has to do with availability of good, fresh squid. What I've seen in fish stores has looked pretty bad (except, of course, in Black Salt Market, where it is beautiful, tender, and tasty.)

    The polpo (octopus) saltado and papas rellenos have been as good as ever.

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      Oh yes, I ate there. Didn't try the ceviche, though. The mahi-mahi at Costa Verde is still spot on.