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Sep 8, 2007 10:07 AM

tapas eating in malaga

spending a couple days in malaga and granada. Anyone know of any good places besides these in the lonely planet guide, or if these are the 'must go' places:

-antiqua casa de guardia
-la rebana
-le posada antonio
-pepa y pepe

thanks, any info is appreciated.

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  1. So we made it to antiqua casa de guardia, it was a fun place to sample the fortified wines of spain. Looked at the seafood offered there, but decided it was better to sample the delicious wine. The atmosphere was cozy, full of people starting off their night.

    And then we went to gorki. Which from the menu, we discovered later that there were several locations throughout spain. But they do offer a good amount of tostas and some main plates that were yummy.

    la rebena , at least from the address in the book, was either closed down or we were in the wrong place.

    And then off the bodega el pimpi. It is a well known place. But it still was charming since it is recessed from the street and there are different areas to sit. We went upstairs which was pretty charming with some windows looking out. A good selection of meat.

    1. hey chowcow,

      i've been recently to malaga too. i have to say coming from sevilla it was quite a disappointment malaga. stay away from the area around the beach. the beachbums only like to eat mcdonalds anyway :). however there are a few nice little tapas places in the city mainly around the big cute shopping street. one place i remember is called gorki. quite nice. try the foie specials :)

      i remember a very cute place called something with pimpi. great spanish atmosphere even though there was no spanish music when i was there. but anyway great atmosphere and relatively good food.

      also while on the main shopping street (i forgot the name) try the gelato place there. truly italian quality.