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Sep 8, 2007 09:56 AM

Ghanaian food in SW burbs

They have opened a Ghanaian restaurant in my area (Joliet/Plainfield/Romeoville) and my husband and I are curious. We have never eaten that cuisine, so I thought I would ask any of you if youare familiar with it or even better if you are aware of the restaurant. I can't recall the name unfortunetely and the place had no take home menu nor a website.

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  1. Some Ghanaian fellows mentioned this place to me last week. It's near the Chinese restaurant Red Tang on Budler just north of Airport Road.

    Let us know what it's like if you try it.

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    1. re: Mugs

      Actually it replaced Red Tang (a place we enjoyed, but it was always so empty I knew it owuld close). Did they say it was good? It was fairly crowded.

      1. re: libgirl2

        Red Tang closed? Ouch. What a handsome room it was; always underpopulated, as you said.

        The guys who told me about the Ghanaian restaurant spoke positively of the place, perhaps primarily because the restaurant's existence demonstrates the growth and entrepreneurship of the West African community in our area.

        I'll try to get up there and post.

        1. re: Mugs

          Yes, its a shame about Red Tang, there were a couple of times my husband and myself were the only people in there. Regardless of good food, you need to have customers! One evening we had a gentleman who was picking up take out screaming at the front register about how loong his food took (they had a tendency to be slow) and I knew the place would not last long. And thanks for keeping an ear open for me. I know this area has a high Ghanaian population so its exciting to see a Ghanaian restaurant in the boring old burbs!

          1. re: libgirl2

            Boring old burbs? For a lifelong Will Countian, it's exciting to have new cuisines like West African and Filipino (Rt. 59 just north of St. Mary's in Plainfield, but I haven't tried it yet) joining our beloved standbys like Merichka's poor boys and White Fence Farm chicken. Another effect of the migration out of Cook County is a greater variety of Italian places, from sleek joints such as the Francesca's on 59, pizza places such as the non-bastard Vito & Nick's in Lemont Lanes and the non-bastard Palermo's at 45 and 30 and the Naperville Caputo's at 59 and 111th. Polish food shops are popping up too, including one on the SE corner of Weber and Renwick and a bakery cum bar run by the affable Stanley on Plainfield Rd. just west of Six Corners in Joliet. Plus there's the eponymous Greek cafe, Kosta's a few doors north of the Francesca's on 59 run by an award-winning restauranteur ex of Milwaukee and now of Rockford. Yes, the traffic is hell in burgeoning Will County, but at least we've got some new food as a result of it.

            Good naturedly,


    2. If they offer it, try the Ground nut Soup and also rice with palm butter. If you are a hottie, ask for billy-goat pepper soup. That is very similar to the Habanero, so be warned. In West Africa this soup is reputed to be a teriffic hangover cure. Actually, if hurts so much that you forget all about the hangover. If they have Tree Antelope on the menu, be careful. That's a West African locution for... monkey..

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      1. re: MikeLM

        I have heard ground nut soup is good. I planned on trying that. Thanks for the warning about tree antelope. Do NOT want to eat that!

        1. re: MikeLM

          Well we went there. Very small menu, no groundnut soup :( We had the Red Red and Jollof rice. It was decent, though I expected more choices. They were out of several appetizers we tried to order. My plantians were over cooked, but they gave me fresh in my doggie bag, which was nice. Service reminded me of Red Tang, one person doing EVERYTHING! Very slow. Would I go back? Maybe if they expand their menu or at least have the things they offer on it. Reasonable prices though.

          1. re: libgirl2

            Now that you've been..what is the name/location of this place for us out of towners?

            1. re: jersette

              Asanka. They didn't have a take out menu to give us, they were out.

              1. re: jersette

                Its Located at 365 Budler Road, Romeoville, IL 60544. (In The Lakewood Retail Center behind the Marquette Bank) The phone number is 815 267 8705

              2. re: libgirl2

                Its because it just opened hence the overhead so kindly be patient. Come back again and we'll do well to have everthing on the menu u want. Bare in mind that the peanut butter soup is serverd only on sundays

            2. ASANKA. Its Located at 365 Budler Road, Romeoville, IL 60544. (In The Lakewood Retail Center behind the Marquette Bank) The phone number is 815 267 8705