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Sep 8, 2007 09:51 AM

Recommended Upperwestside Sushi

We are looking for nice family friendly moderate price Sushi restaurants in the upperwestside

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  1. Yuki Sushi 656 Amsterdam 92 Street 212-787-8200 Excellent quality of fish in sushi and sashimi. Moderate price for quality Japanese. Sushi lunch with salad or soup is less than $11.

    Miyako 642 Amsterdam 91 Street 212-724-3448 About as good as Yuki Sushi and everything is $1-$1.50 less

    1. 2nd the recommendation for Miyako. Although it's decor is tacky compared to Yuki, I'm always pleasantly surprised by the consistent freshness of the fish. The service is always friendly and they often throw in free appetizers.

      1. Planet Sushi on 78th is good; nothing fancy but fresh tasty sushi for a reasonable price.