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Sep 8, 2007 09:14 AM

Fish and chips in Asheville

Does anyone know a place to get really good fish and chips in Asheville? I've been having a craving.

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    1. re: hartly

      REALLY good? Nowhere that I know of. (Seafood in general is not Asheville's strong suit.)

      Maybe Mark or somebody knows of somewhere good. The ones I've tried (including JOW) have been passable at best.

      1. re: Jeff C.

        Hannah Flanagans has pretty good fish and chips, not GREAT but servicable.

        1. re: Spreadhead

          Servicable on a good night. (In fairness, I've only been to the one in Hendersonville.)

          1. re: Jeff C.

            the one in Hendersonville is AWFUL.

            1. re: Jeff C.

              the two locations are not associated with each other.

      2. Jack of the Wood is probably the best bet...

        1. don't know if it's still on the specials menu, but, if it is, the best fish and chips i've had in asheville were at burgermeisters. i think it was the saturday special (might have been friday). call to see if they still offer it (225.2920).

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          1. re: mark

            my wife was craving fish and chips saturday, so we stopped in burgermeisters to see if the special was still on. it wasn't, so we made do with a basket of catfish fingers and a basket of fries. the catfish fingers were excellent. it's the same light breading they use for the fish and chips. i should note that their breading is very light and flaky as compared to typical fish-and-chips preparations; none of that heavy, gold-to-mahogany-coloured crust.

            not exactly fish and chips, but it did the trick.

              1. re: Jeff C.

                the fries were/are good, too, but the catfish stole that show.

                1. re: mark

                  Do they have sweet tater fries for us carb counters?

                  1. re: Jeff C.

                    the tater choices are fries, chips and wedges. all made in house. i know the wedges used to be half sweet. haven't ordered the wedges since they introduced the fries. assuming they still offer the sweet, i'm sure they could do an order of all sweet during less busy times. otherwise, you might have to eat just half, or go w/ someone who doesn't like the sweet ones and share.

                    1. re: Jeff C.

                      Carb counting and you'd opt for sweet potato fries over regular? ....not a whole lot of difference unless you're talking about beta carotene.

                      1. re: leahinsc

                        My diet guru (Dr. Oz) reports that because sweet potatoes have more fiber than white spuds the body can process the sugar in them more efficiently (no blood sugar "spike").

            1. I used to like Jack of the wood, but the last time I got fish and chips there it was terrible, and I haven't gotten up the nerve to order them again.51 grill on Merrimon has a fish and chip special on Friday night that is pretty good. The batter is light, you get three pieces of cod and a mound of fries served with a pretty good coleslaw. Hannah Flannagan's has good fish and really good tartar sauce, but their "chips" are out-of-the-bag waffle fries and the second-hand smoke is unbearable unless you eat outside.

              1. 51 Grill is now serving Fish and Chips.