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Sep 8, 2007 09:13 AM

Looking for fresh masa in the DC area

I just got back from Oaxaca and took a cooking class with Pilar Cabrera at La Casa de los Sabores. Great class. I want to make some tamales now that I am back and was wondering if there is any place in the DC area to buy fresh masa. I can get Maseca and another brand that is said to be better for tamales of the dried stuff, but is it possible to get any fresh masa?

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  1. Yes it's possible. I've never gotten to Victor Vargas's Moctec in Hyattsville, but know you'll enjoy reading these two links:

    At my house we usually only make tamales around the holidays. I recently had Pork Tamales at Mixtec in Adams Morgan and they were 98% masa and only 2% filling. They were in corn husks and had the right taste, but perhaps the kitchen staff wasn't well supervised.

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      Thanks for this. I'm definitely going to have to find my way out to Hyattsville.