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Sep 8, 2007 09:11 AM

Cabbagetown eats/ Margaritas Resto?

Hey Chows,
Good places in Cabbagetown? Has anyone been to Margaritas Mexican?

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  1. hmmm, wouldn't really recommend that one (Margaritas) maybe not bad for a margarita and some nachos..but there are better places for certain! House on Parliament is a popular option, Chapter 11 has some nice dishes (great, great fries!), Ashahi Sushi does a respectable job on sushi, Ben Wicks is good on a Wed. for wing night and their brunch is pretty good as well...Town Grill is higher end but has recently changed management so can't comment on current food, but it used to be very consistent (good)..there is also Rashna (sri lankan) which has tasty food, but a no atmosphere space...Provence has a pretty space and fairly expensive bistro type food that is also very well done...there is a new place called Stone Grill which I have heard good things about but haven't actually eaten there..

    1. I agree with redhead. House on Parliament is one of my favourite pubs in Toronto, definetly reccomend the pulled pork sandwich, sweet potato fries, sunday night prime rib, steak and mushroom pie is pretty good, and the hummus appetiser is actually really nice as well. At Ben Wicks, Ive also had a pretty good pulled pork sandwich, as well as some good fish and chips and a pretty good burger too.

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        St. Jamestown Steak & Chops now carries pulled pork. For those mornings when doing your hair really isn't worth it.

      2. Good
        Chapter Eleven, Piccolo (personal favourite), Provence, Town Grill

        House on Parliament, Johnny G’s, Margarita (though I haven’t been recently), Timothy’s Tikka House

        Big Mamma’s Boy, Pear Tree (Both have zero knowledge of what constitutes good food and are an embarrassment to their former glory days.)

        The space at 195 Carlton St once occupied by Bistro Aubergine has been taken over. Wish I could recall the name of the place. Perused the menu and found it to be short as it should be, well-focused, loaded with seasonal ingredients, and very reasonably priced. They have a small patio and a nice room. Best news of all is that they’ll be serving brunch Sunday’s I believe they said 10am-3pm. I am not a fan of any of the brunches currently available in Cabbagetown and find myself regularly having lunch instead at Piccolo (mmmmmmm crepes). I know, I know tough life. A little variety would be good though. Let’s hope these guys end the curse of that location.

        Chain Resto’s in Cabbagetown… Really??? Why?!?!?
        Brass Taps, Ginger, Stonegrill

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          I'm picking up that gauntlet, googs. House on Parliament is far above average for a pub. The regular menu is mostly regular, but the specials are outstanding quality and value. Well executed duck or zuppa di pesce at $15? C'mon. Try to get that at Johnny G's. Putting it on the same level as Johnny G's is absurd. I'll also come to the defence of Big Momma's Boy for the pizzas, and the ribs. The ribs won't meet the standards of the myriad barbeque fanatics here, and I understand why, but they're decent. That said, I agree with you about Chapter Eleven (charming spot) and the Town Grill (still a very good bistro after the change in ownership).

          1. re: hungry_pangolin

            You know... before I posted about HOP I was going to add in "but this seems to be just me".

            I stand by my Big Momma's statement. When it was Luciano's it wasn't just the pizzas that were great. Every mouthful was sheer joy. That BMB pizzas are still getting reasonable reviews is a tribute to Luciano. He left his Justa Pizza recipes with the new owners. Too bad they still need Luc.

            I used a blunt instrument to gauge places in order to not tire the reader. I'm sure we can all add details should Proof want them.

            1. re: Googs

              Interesting... I didn't know that the pizza recipes came with the property. Although, that said, I know that Michael the chef guy has introduced a few innovations in that department. I disagree about the old Luciano's menu. In its last few years, the execution was below the standards of previous ages.

              Have you tried the duck leg at the HoP? I recommend it, once the weather cools. (Appears as a Friday night special - without the bullet.) Also try the gumbo (really more a soup than a traditional gumbo - but try it), zuppa di pesce, ribeye special (usually with a beurre compose). Nothing like Johnny G's.

              1. re: hungry_pangolin

                To return in kind, if you're from the 'hood you really must try Piccolo. I wouldn't travel cross town for it, but having it in the neighbourhood is just great. Great service, good food, reasonable prices, and the space is unparalleled for an afternoon or evening out. Beautiful dining room, very comfortable patio, and an intimate basement lounge.

                Again, I wasn't comparing Johnny G's & HoP. They don't provide the same things to Cabbagetown. I was simply ranking them by no other criterion than what I think. Sometimes a burger and a view is all I want.

                1. re: Googs

                  I had an awful experience at Piccolo when it first opened. I ordered a duck risotto and I received a horrible soupy concoction with the texture of regular long grain rice. Then about 30 people arrived for a birthday party who where very noisy and definitely impeded our enjoyment of dinner (had we been informed that a group was coming this wouldn't have been an issue.)

                  Staff were kind about the intrusion and apologized and provided some items on the house, but my food was so bad that I haven't returned for that reason alone (I should note that my partner's pasta was reasonably competent).

                  Anyway, in light of your remarks I will give it another chance.

                  Re Big Momma's Boy -I would recommend it for those avoiding gluten. The food is fine, not great, IMO. I order pizza from there when I'm in a rush and want to avoid the chains.

                  Love the House, and pretty much agree with everyone else here, with the exception is that Chapter 11 has been hit or miss for me. I think the people running it are lovely though so I keep going back. I like the burger, but the fries are not to my taste and some other things I've had there have been disappointing (e.g. overcooked fish special).

                  Margaritas is OK.

          2. re: Googs

            I just saw the Restaurant Makeover episode where they changed Bistro Aubergine into Cork & Cabbage Gastro-pub. The menu is supposed to stay small, but quality pub-style comfort food.

            1. re: big red

              C&C failed as well. It's now Jam Cafe. You can actually get good food and service now.

          3. Margaritas is OK if you stay inside the safety zone of Tex Mex cuisine. I made the mistake of ordering a seafood concoction one night, and I 1) swear the kitchen went out to a local supermarket and bought some of the ingredients (saw a staff member coming back with a shopping bag and ten minutes later my dish appeared) and 2) was served a dish with several unopened mussels in it.

            HOP, however, is a true joy and a place you should visit if you haven't already.

            1. The bottom line for me is that I think it's great we can actually have a discussion about places worth dining at and patios worth hopping to in Cabbagetown.