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Sep 8, 2007 08:27 AM

Crabs in NJ??

Can anyone recommend a place to eat blue claws in NJ? Or take them home? I get them all the time here in VA but my parents can't find them anywhere near them in NJ. Thanks!

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  1. If you drive down Rt. 47 in Ocean/Cape May Counties towards Cape May/Wildwoods you will find several places along the road that sell crabs. I get mine (uncooked) from either Junior's Seafood in Green Creek or Bud's Bait and Tackle in the Villas. The crabs are really good right now and should be available until it gets cold.

    1. Crab Shack in Brick, NJ

      1. Okay hounds. How about a place to catch the little buggers in Central Jersey? I know crabbing has been not so good this year. Season is coming to an end and I like to take the grand kids crabbing.

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          Try Clark Fish Market on Westfield Ave in Clark for takeout. They cook them too. Also local to each Bud's Hut in Avenel. Not sure if they still have though. We had them from Clark FM in July and they were on the money.

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            Thanks for the recommendations! My dad ended up getting crabs to go from Clark's and was pleased.

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            i've been wondering the same thing! I have seen people crabbing at a bridge between little silver and oceanport, on the street that runs by fort monmouth...

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              That is where I go. Went there twice this year. Never got any more than one crab. Maybe it is a bad year? Seems to have been better early in June.

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                Barbarella, I laughed out loud at the possibility that I might have seen you while driving by. What kind of crab do you catch there? Some day you have to show me how it's done. :)

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                  Blue claws of course.Has not been good there this year at all!. I finally gave up. oh well, usually find my way to a market at the end of a bad crabbing day.

          3. where are your parents in NJ? I like Ed's Crab Shack in Washington Twp (South Jersey). Crabs by the bushel or dozen, also clams, great jumbo-lump crabcakes, and skewers of scallops wrapped in a butterflied shrimp, then wrapped in a strip of bacon.

            1. I usually go to Aherns in waretown. They have great salads too - all take out - also the owner is friendly and wants to please his customers

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                Skeeters in Blackwood,NJ (all u can eat) $20. Monday's