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Sep 8, 2007 07:31 AM

seriously, tom thai has made me fall in love with fish.

foxley bistro- I went again last night to see if it was as fantastic as I remember. I'm still not into his non-fish preparations (last time had ribs with what I considered to be a sickly sweet heavy sauce - but i'm sure this is a personal preference- ; this time i tried the pork belly and i swear it had the same sauce), but the fish is amazing. I want to eat fish now and I was NEVER a person to order fish in a restaurant.
we had: pea and mushroom dumplings; green apple/tomato salsa and blue nose NZ bass ceviche; sea bream ( i think) ceviche with crispy shallots; grilled shrimp and calamari with cucumber and mango; and the pork belly. Loved it. the room was ridiculously hot though, and when we were waiting for a table, we asked where we could go for a drink. They sent us across the road to "The crooked Star", I believe it was called.

Um. Am I alone in thinking it is totally gross to be in a bar, look over and see a dog flailed out on the bench sleeping- then look over and see his dog food and water right beside me?

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  1. IN the bar??? I have a dog, and don't think that's appropriate....Especially if the food is the wet kind-Blech!
    Fish sounds good though.

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    1. re: troutpoint

      in the bar. like, on a banquet seat where someone would presumably be sitting later on. The food was dry, but Mr. claimed he could smell it.

      1. re: nummanumma

        Now, I am only spealing from a maritime point of view, mind. But, unless said dog's owner was blind, (?) That's against health regs!

    2. Mmmm, the fish and seafood dishes sound delicious. I love fish and I'm going to check this place out. Just to clarify, was the dog in the bar at Foxley or in the bar across the road?

      207 Ossington Ave, Toronto, ON M6J2Z8, CA

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        the dog was in the bar called "the crooked star"- definitely not a service dog.

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          Guess I know where to go to get drunk with my dog.

      2. Me and a few friends tried to go to Foxley on Friday night...

        They don't do reservations.. so we arrived at the door at 7:30. It was packed, so I left my phone number with the hostess and she explained that she would call in 30 - 40 minutes as the space opened up for us. All good so far.

        Knowing about the Crooked Star, and it's general crappyness, we went down the street to some new bar (Restolados or something like that). Good tequilla and beer selection (and pints of imported beer were less than $5 each!!). The phone call from Foxley came 40 minutes later, and we went back up to Foxley. However, turns out that hostess mistakenly thought that me and my crew of 5 somehow wanted a table for 2... whoops. Yeah, that sucks. She said something else might open up in another 20 - 30 minutes. She was apologetic and wanted to help, but we were too annoyed at that point, so we declined.

        So... yes, people make mistakes.. but unfortunately we wasted nearly an hour to find someplace to have dinner.

        Good news is that we hopped in a cab and went to Torito where we had a great meal. The nightly specials of :
        1.Gespacho or summer peach tomato with cilantro and truffle oil,
        2.Peach, Arugula and fresh cheese salad
        3. Spanish meatballs
        4. Chantarelle Mushroom Ragout
        were all really nicely prepared and tasted great with the exception of the meatballs which I found too salty. The regular menu items of Ceviche, Bravas, Quail were excellent. Service was genuine and prompt.

        So, we'll try Foxley again, since the reviews are all so good, and we're in the hood.

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        1. re: dombort

          Being a regular at the Crooked Star I have no issues with that lovely dog at all.

          I concur, the fish at Foxely is superb.