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Sep 8, 2007 07:27 AM

Grom Gelato? As good as advertised?

A few months back, I had read an article in the NY Times about a high-quality gelato shop opening on the UWS called Grom. I recently heard somebody on the D train talking about how good it is, wanted to know if any chowhounds had opinions on this place...

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  1. You should do a search as there have been a few threads on this. In short, no. I gave it 2 shots and wasn't impressed. I prefer L'Arte del Gelato, Otto, and Il Lab

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    1. re: Lucia

      I'm a L'Arte fan big time. Better value, less drama and better flavors than Grom.

    2. I had it in Turin and Bergamo when I visited Italy a few weeks ago and it was wonderful. The torroncillo was my favorite, but I loved almost every flavor they had. It was definitely the best gelato we had in Italy (and our research was exhaustive).

      1. Haven't been able to bring myself to wait in that line yet. Tried twice (I'm not very good at queuing) and both times Emack and Bolio's (sp?) got my business instead. They must be giving free prizes to people who stick it out.

        1. Er... I'm a little embarrassed to be part of the dirty, unwashed masses on this... but yeah, it is that good. Maybe it's because by the time you get through the line, you're so hungry anything tastes great. But yes, I do think it's pretty darn delicious--especially if someone else is paying.

          1. I tried this weekend-NOT something i would stand in line for-and the price!!! oy!!! felt like a mortgage payment.

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              My experience with Grom is that it is really that good. The line moves quickly and it gives you time to think about flavors. It tastes the same as it does in Italy, which is saying a lot. Gelato is lower in fat than Haagen Daaz and the like -- so it may taste different to people who expect the H-D high fat consistency. Il Lab is great, but the flavors can be, well, wierd. I never really liked Otto's food, so I never get to eat the ice cream. For now, Grom is it.