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Sep 8, 2007 07:15 AM

Mama Rosa in NDG

Has anyone tried this new place on Sherbrooke W. in NDG that sells unbaked pizzas you cook at home? Menu looks pretty run of the mill, prices seem slightly below regular pizza joints - anyone have a first-hand report?

Mama Rosa - 6705 Sherbrooke Ouest

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  1. The pictures look pretty gross! There was a place on Monkland with the same concept about 10 years ago but it didn't last long.

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    1. re: eat2much

      I remember them. I bought several of their uncooked pizzas. It was probably more closer to 15 years ago.

        1. re: eat2much

          Actually twenty years. I remember being there in 1991, 1992 at the latest.

          I don't recall it being that bad, not exceptional by any means, but decent enough.

          1. re: Frids

            Yeah, come to think of it, I think it was 1988 or 1989 when I tried their pizzas. Personally I don't mind this concept. It's not that uncommon in the States.

    2. Sounds like an ill-conceived concept to me. I mean, if I am going to buy a pizza from a pizzeria, I want it cooked, I don't want to have to go home and cook it. And if I am going to buy an uncooked pizza, why not just pick up something from the supermarket given the cost?

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      1. re: foodismyfriend

        Basically to me, the crowning glory of a pizza is the way it's cooked - wood burning oven, pizza oven etc... All I have at home is a regular oven - not gonna do my pizza too much good in there. If I want take out pizza, I'll order it and have it delivered. Why in the world would I want to go somewhere to get an uncooked pizza (hassle of going to get it) and then inadequately cook it?????

        Don't get the catch that would make this an attractive proposition.

        1. re: foodismyfriend

          This concept has been around for years in the US. When I went to the place in Monkland years ago, you can customize the pizzas a little bit.

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          1. What do you mean "hot"? I thought they sold them unbaked? Or have they changed their business model?

          2. I am not too sure about this concept either.. I mean, if you want fresh pizza, you can just make your own, it's not that hard.. However, I would be interested if anyone here has really tried it.

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            1. re: Jonquilles

              It isn't hard at all, and I use better flour than most places do. What most of us don't have at home is the high-temperature ovens pizza places have, much less a wood-burning fire.

              Think a discussion of making your own has to go in "home cooking". I want to start up a "best tourtière" topic, and that will have to be divided in the same way.

              1. re: Jonquilles

                I've tried Mama Rosa's... as a matter of fact that's what I'm having tonight! I love the Greek Pizza (I get it without onions but that's a personal choice)... but any of the pizzas I've tried have been great! The cheeseburger, the veggie on whole wheat crust!

                As for the skeptics who want a hot pizza delivered to their door. The cook time on these pizzas is only 10 to 12 minutes. That's less time and a much, much better quality (all fresh ingredients... watch as they make em if you don't call ahead) ingredients!!

                I really recommend this place!

                1. re: sunflower154

                  cook it on a pizza stone in your oven. what's with all the high brow snobbery. in my 3 decades, i can't think of a single delivery pizza joint in this entire city that will bring me a pizza that i would consider good.

                  1. re: celfie

                    Had two types 3 days ago....absolutely delicious, better than I can often make it. My favourite was the pepperoni with veggies, guess you'd call it all dressed, other very good but tougher was a veggie, with olives, sundried tomatoes etc... just personal taste but I didn't like the veggie one as much it was drier. Our host cooked them in her oven and the smell was heaven and they were fabulous.....and I agree with celfie....I don't order in pizza, gave up trying to find a good one. I make my own, but this is a treat as I don't have to shop or cook! well, only a bit. OH and the PRICE is fantastic!!! + NO TAX as it's not cooked!!!

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