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Sep 8, 2007 06:37 AM

Lunch at the Bar?

During our stay in SF (SF Marriott) my best friend will be coming in from Oakland. She likes to sit at the bar to have lunch. Doesn't necessarily mean a sports bar - it can be dining. She really doesn't know SF very well so I'm picking the lunch spots. Not all restaurants have good bars for dining so help is appreciated. DH and friends will be going out to dinner and I've used this board to gets lots of suggestions. Linda

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  1. I had a super lunch at the bar at Perbacco. Tadich is good too.

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    1. Zuppa has a great kitchen-side bar, as does Lark Creek Steak in the Westfield Center. We had a great and very long lunch at Jeanty at Jacks recently. They offer complimentary hard-boiled eggs as bar snacks - the perfect accompaniment to a martini, IMHO. Pesce and Yabbies on Polk Street if you like fish. And of course Swan Oyster Depot, also on Polk, for the ultimate counter theater.

      1. Scala in the Sir Francis Drake Hotel is a good spot for the kind of bar dining I think you're looking for...You also might consider LuLu [Folsom at 4th Street]...