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Sep 8, 2007 01:13 AM

Dinner for 15 @ $30pp this Tuesday??!! EEK!

I'm trying to help a friend out, but am inexperienced in the large group dining thing. Does anyone have any better suggestions than Bar Italia?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. age range? location specifics?

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    1. re: todc1996

      We are in our mid to late twenties, and looking for a place within the boundaries of York Mills/Front St and Broadview/Dufferin. Actually, Izakaya just came to mind, but there must be other options out there.

      1. re: dlw88

        Also thinking Paese, Zucca, Mimosa.....anyone?

      1. re: elasticwaistband

        Taboule - Yonge st. between Davisville and Eglinton

        1. re: elasticwaistband

          I second Terroni. Yummy pastas and pizza. :)

          1. re: jennjen18

            Both Terroni and Tabule were great suggestions!

            Mimosa was the final choice, through some chow research and word of mouth. They can accomodate us, have both a $19 and $29 prix fixe, and have free corkage on Tuesdays. Pretty tough to beat, for a large group of people at many different places in their lives. Fortunately, we are celebrating good people, and not good food. You never know...we could be in for a pleasant surprise.

          2. re: elasticwaistband

            Doesn't do reservations. Unlikely 15 people would be able to sit together. Especially during the week of TIFF when every decent restaurant is packed. (Said the gal who always wants to go to Terroni on her birthday in the middle of TIFF and always get turned away.)

          3. it's pretty casual..but we had a good meal for 15 of us last week at Spacco just north of Yonge and Eglinton..they can definitely handle a crowd and the food was quite good for that style of cooking...