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Sep 8, 2007 12:23 AM

Is it wise to freeze liver, bacon?

2 meats I rarely if ever see offered frozen in my neck of the woods. So is there a reason for that?

Being single and out more than in, I find I throw away a lot of half used packets of bacon.
Any tricks on freezing so they keep longer, but also where the whole pack doesn't need to be thawed to get a a few strips at a time? How about cooking them first? Or does that result in a too dry product that seems already freezer bruned before it's frozen? I've noticed they've been selling cooked bacon these days. Does that have a longer shelf life that might be worth the added cost?

Similarly, I'm one of the oddballs who loves old school lover & onions (or similar meals). It seems fewer eateries offer it, and fewer markets carry it (in my area). The markets that do sell it in offer it in big batches. Meanwhile I only crave it now and again. So can I take the other two-thirds I bought and freeze it?


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  1. I freeze liver and bacon all the time. I buy bacon in four packs at Costco and put them in the freezer. I keep one unopened package of bacon in the fridge so I have thawed bacon. If I need to use part of a package, I fry up the whole thing, then store the cooked bacon in the fridge to be used over the next couple of days or so, but it'll still last a fair amount of time cooked. I usually buy liver only occasionally when we go shopping (we shop once every two weeks to restock). My husband doesn't like it, so it's something I save for when I'm having a craving, so it goes into the freezer until then. BTW, I fry up my liver and onions with bacon. ;)

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      My husband loves liver, but I don't. He buys a large package and divides it up into portions that I freeze. It's no problem at all. Bacon is fine, too. How about kidneys? :-)

    2. I freeze bacon by rolling the individual slices up into little spirals and then putting the rolls into a baggie - that way I can take out 1-2 servings or however much without having to pry them apart. (A tip from Cook's Illustrated, to properly note my source!)

      1. I freeze bacon all the time as well. Purists claim it affects the taste (just like freezing can affect the taste of pretty much anything), but unless you have a really sensitive palate then it isn't really a problem. But I do suggest only freezing what you can eat within a month or two (for some of us that is more than others...).

        1. I'd ask your market if they get their liver already frozen- if so, ask them if they can sell you the smallest package possible still-frozen. A lot of time, I've found that what they sell unfrozen is actually simply thawed, but I suppose it depends on your market....

          If what they get is fresh, then yes, liver can be frozen. If already thawed and refrozen, it'll still be OK, but I prefer one round of freezing if possible.

          I dunno about bacon 'cause I've never bought it....:)

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            I IQF (Individual Quick Freeze) bacon all the time. Seperate the slices of bacon and freeze them, once frozen you can put them together into one package. Then you can just defrost whatever amount you want.