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Sep 7, 2007 11:44 PM

Need help with where to get food for a Sunday gathering! Please!

Hello all,

I am hosting a last minute bridal shower at my house on Sunday at 12 noon and need to figure out where to go to get food for it. I'm looking for salads (pasta etc.), sandwiches or other finger food, pastries and other baked goods. Any ideas or recommendations would be greatly appreciated! I am looking to go either in Boston or north of (I would be going from Medford).

All the best...

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  1. My go-to spot for throwing together a party is Watertown to hit up Sevan and Arax. Lots of small nibbles to be had (olives, grape leaves, kibbe, spinach pie and other savory pastries) plus you can include some nice dips and spreads, (hummus, baba ghanoush, meche (sp?)) and a variety of breads and crackers. Buy some halumi cheese and fry it up (quick and easy), sprinkle it with a good olive oil and/or some lemon. Buy some different cookies, baklava, etc. and you're good to go. It's plenty of food, healthy, filling and most important - easy for you. You can feed a crowd on $100.

    1. In a pinch, there's always Bob's.

      1. You know who has great stuff for that is Panera's and Wild Oats.

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          Don't leave Medford, Bob's is wonderful.

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            Thank you for your suggestions! Didn't have time to check out Watertown but Bob's is wonderful and also went to La Patisserie on Church Street in Winchester. Guests were raving about the spinach and cheese stuffed croissant, the ham and gruyere stuffed croissant as well as the spreads and crackers (king crab creole, smoked sun-dried tomato and multigrain crisps).. Thanks again!