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Sep 7, 2007 10:21 PM

Enzo's in Lawrenceville

Stopped into Enzo's tonight with my son.
Terrific experience and a wonderful family that runs the store.
Outstanding food at a good value with a very friendly waitstaff.
25 years and counting and I can see why.

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  1. Enzo's is good and reliable (though not brilliant) and is one of the few default choices among our circle of hounds - a place that everyone will agree on when no other options surface.
    Worth noting that it is a BYOB and that they do NOT take reservations for small parties.

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      Want to let you know some things have changed at Enzo's. They Do take reservations every night accept Saturday. And they have been doing interesting things like old fashioned Italian Dinners on Sunday Afternoon, And Comfort Food Wednesdays. Check out . I haven't been to the Sunday Dinner, but a friend told me it was great, lots of different food that they remember having growing up as a child. Don't really know all the details but it is explained on the web site. I still think they are one of the best BYOB's in the area. And they are getting very creative with there menu.