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Sep 7, 2007 10:16 PM

Prices for Fage Yogurt

I was just wondering what prices other people are paying for the 500 g size of Fage unflavored yogurt, at any fat percentage. I currently pay about $7.50, for the 2%, at Bristol Farms in L.A., but since I like to eat it everyday, I was wondering if it's signifcantly cheaper at any other retailers? I am also interested in what it costs in other parts of the country. TIA.

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  1. i believe it's about 5 dollars at trader joes'.

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    1. re: trolley

      Thanks. What area of the country are you in? I haven't seen it at the TJ's I usually go to in Burbank and Westchester. But then, I may not be looking hard enough.

      1. re: PommeDeGuerre

        i'm in pasadena. i've seen it in all the TJ's i go to which include pasadena, w.hollywood on santa monica blvd and la brea. it's right there w/ the rest of the yogurts. they seem to sell out very quickly and I see the 0% more often than the 2%

    2. 4.59 at Trader Joes In Los Angeles... the La Brea and Third store.

      1. Thanks, Trolley and Jennalynn. I need to open my eyes and ask more questions it appears.

        1. I pay $4.39 at Trader Joes in Boston and its the same price at Whole Foods (believe it or not) in Boston

          glad I don't live in LA

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            Pricey it can be indeed, but you just have to look around a little more (or ask questions on Chowhound.)

          2. I've seen it cost from $4.59 to $5.79 all over Manhattan (NYC).