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Sep 7, 2007 09:37 PM

The problem with George....

I dropped $400 for an 82nd birthday dinner for my Mom.
When I arrived with her in tow, and asked if we had the option of eating indoors (there was a smog advisory) I was told quite officiously by a management type in a suit that "we have fountains outside, it's not hot on the patio". I would accept if seats were unavailable inside , but we were simply bullied into a "no choice". They seem to put the office parties and the tourists and first timers out onto the patio so that the "real people" can enjoy the dining room.
Are they in the hospitality industry? Why not offer - as I noticed they did to people unlike us, that they could try outside, and if they felt too hot they could (and eventually did) move indoors.
I like there to be cutlery for me to eat my food.... bring it first, then bring the food. Not have me wait while they do it the other way around.
I prefer my fork to be on the left and my knife on the right.
I like a bread basket, without having to ask three different wait staff three times, and wait almost an hour.
I like to choose from the menu and not be bullied by the waitress into changing my mind and ordering something I end up not liking.
And if they have to have several blazer clad stern faced "managers" coasting around, why did none of them ask if we'd like another glass of wine, or offer to top up our water.
And the food? We each had three different courses, and shared a dessert, and we can't say that we need to go back. Too overthought, too "all about them".
The office parties were left without food for an age..... I wouldn't be surprised if they hit MCD's on their way home.
So hate me..... I'm sick and tired of places in Toronto that haven't a clue about being hospitable, or making you feel genuinely welcome. I really don't need to listen to a waitress telling me about her food preferences.

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    1. Hope you cc'd the restaurant's owner/management on your e-mail.

      1. Management definitely needs to know your concerns. Poor service should not be tolerated and whoever was responsible for your table plus the hostess should get a stern lecture from management.

        From my past experiences George has always provided great service so it comes as a complete surprise to me that you had your poor experience.

        I know for a fact that the chef reads these boards but if you email them personally, I'm sure they'll find some way to make it up to you. Most of the people working there are first-class professionals.

        1. The original comment has been removed
          1. I have only dined at George once and although I thought the food to be good, like many other high end establishments, the service bordered on being aloof and snotty.

            This is a rather unfortunate experience and the mangement should be contacted and made aware of your experience. I also believe one should express disatisfaction at the time of one's visit. However, I think it also important that the public take some responsibility when a foreshadowing is hinted at. I for one would have refused to sit on the patio when I had no desire to do so and if they had insisted, take my business elsewhere. One should never allow themselves to be 'bullied' into ordering selections that they are not comfortable with. One final thought - terrible service can be found in many establishments but a place of this calibre should have no excuses.