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Sep 7, 2007 09:19 PM

JTM Gear

So I'm looking for one of those nice grocery carts for wheeling around the Jean Talon Market. They're sold everywhere, except I'd like on with a bar that has an adjustable height, because I'm tall and my wife is not. Those seem harder to find.



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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Q. for those who have the carts: doesn't your food get all squished from being piled on from the top? I'd love to get one of these carts that have hooks for shopping bags( and ) but my cotton bags have long handles and I think they might skim the ground with this system. I think I've seen some that have hooks going up a central stem, but where I can't remember.

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        I got a cart from the vendors around JTM for 18 bucks; it is not top quality and doesn't look like it is going to last too long but it serves the purpose for now. I have seen similar looking stuff sold for 40 bucks, and though I cannot argue the quality differences this was simply convenient for me since I am cheap and didn't want to spend a lot of time for comparison shopping.

        I can now buy a basket of apples without worrying about how to carry them home. However, I avoid going to the market at peak hours when I am taking it with me. Previous experiences with too many people running me over with their carts taught me to be a little considerate. So no Saturday or Sunday afternoon trips if I can avoid doing so.

        BTW, If you are taking the metro, they have ones that climb up and down the stairs easily; noisy but good for the shamefully un-accessible Montreal metro.

        In order to avoid getting squished food, you need to plan your shopping by putting denser items like potatoes, apples or melons at the bottom, leaving more delicate stuff to top. Still eggs or berries are never good idea to carry with those things, especially if you are going to use the stairs.

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          Oh no, eggs and delicate fruit have to go in a separte bag - same principle on the bicycle.

          I thought the stair-climbing ones were for Montréal triplexes - though I just haul mine up by my arm - gasp - as I said I mostly use it for cat food and litter, plant dirt, perhaps potatoes though I don't tend to buy a peck of those.

          In many places (Sami Fruits here, supermarkets abroad) people leave their granny carts at the door, or the cash.

          I bought mine for $2, but that was at a nearby church bazaar, where I also bought a small, old, heavy wooden table with a little drawer also for $2,,, Printer sits on it now.

      2. Curio Cité on Mont-Royal sells some nice granny carts. I'm not sure if some of them have adjustable handles, but the place has the best selection i've seen.

        1. The original comment has been removed
          1. We've removed some off topic replies about the etiquette of using these carts. If you've got suggestions on where JES can find one, please let him know, but posts which focus on whether cart users are rude or whether carts should be permitted will be removed.

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              Oh come on, we're not even allowed to have an opinion? Even if stated politely?

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                They have obviously not had theire shins scraped by a distracted shopper pushing a cart full of produce. LOL