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Sep 7, 2007 08:37 PM

Eleven Madison Park Dinner Question

I have not been to Eleven Madison Park for dinner and from their website it looks like they only offer a choice of 3 tasting menus. Does anyone know if they offer an "a la carte" menu for dinner?

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  1. I went in May and they only had the tasting menu. It was a very nice dinner, but frankly I have had better meals in NY recently for less money (Esca, A Voce, Red Cat, others). But the pork belly is as good as you have read about (just too small a portion).

    1. It's a choice of a 3- course prix fixe for like $85, a 4 course for about $95 or the long tasting menu for 150ish. A la carte is kind of available at the bar where there are 5 or 6 entrees available off of the bar menu, as well as all of the desserts.

      1. I am going to EMP for the first time on 9/10, largely because of the rave reviews it has gotten on this website. Aside from the suckling pig, what else are must haves on the menu. I once read a thread saying that my guest should do the three courses and i shoud do the four courses so that we could do the duck for two together, but i'm a bit confused by this...could somebody explain a bit?

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          If you choose the 3-course menu, you choose two savory dishes from the apps and main course menu and one sweet from the dessert menu. With the 4-course menu, it's three savories and one sweet. So, if you both do the 3-course, the duck for two becomes the main course for both of you. However, if one of you does the 3-course and the other does the 4-course, that third (extra) savory dish can be the duck for two.

          Other "don't miss" dishes are the foie gras and the beets. Also, the brand new fig dessert is truly spectacular!

          Btw, when we were at EMP for brunch last week, one of the managers told us that the menu will be changing very shortly. I don't know if it will happen by Sept. 10th. But in any case, the duck is a signature dish, so I'm sure it will remain.

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            Yes, but how is it that if we both do the 3 course dinner...they count the duck as two selections (one from each person), but if i one does 3 and one does 4, then they only count it as one selection? I'm still a bit confused.

            The scallop watermelon ceviche looks delicious, but i think it might be a pretty familiar flavor.

        2. Eleven Madison Park does not offer an a la carte menu at dinner in the dining room. The 3- and 4- course prix-fixes are not tasting dinners, i.e., portions are regular size. The tasting menu has 11 courses + several extras. I've not dined at the bar, but I believe the menu there is a la carte. And there is definitely an a la carte menu at lunch and brunch.

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            RGR (or others) - I need your help.

            I am going to EMP tonight (first time). The winter menu is up ( and I want to know, if I spend the extra $20 over the $82 prix fixe, should it be for the Foie Gras or for the four course and the addition of the duck?

            My girlfriend is going, and she's vegetarian, so I would get the four course and her the three with the duck as my fourth. Thoughts?? Quick. I need help.