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Sep 7, 2007 08:06 PM

Mr. Crêpe–looking up

We went back to Mr. Crêpe today for the first time in several months and I have to say that the crêpes are looking up; they are thinner and less chewy than before. Much tastier. The fillings seem to be more generous so there's a better balance between the crêpe and the filling. All in all, a very welcome development. I do wish they'd stop cooking the eggs to death, though, mine was on the griddle for like 5 minutes a side and was dry as a bone in the crêpe. Finally, the obligatory plea to bring back the waffles.

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  1. I second the waffle plea. :)

    1. HAve you tried La Creperie on Arrow St near Harvard Sq? Was wondering how they compare,

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        my personal rant on the harvard place - their food is fine, but they are the meanest bunch of people ever to run a food business.

        i was there one sunday with a group of friends. granted, they are very busy on sundays. i had eaten, so i just ordered coffee. we all paid, were waiting for food. minutes are going by, my friends are getting their crepes, they go sit down. still no coffee (the girl responsible was busy taking new orders). i asked once, was told that it's coming. waiting...waiting... another 5-10 minutes pass again, i ask again.
        the owner (i guess?) was around, and he sees this, and he starts yelling at me! to not be rude and wait my turn and so on. so i tell him that i've been waiting a while and i was just reminding the server, and he tells me that i can get out of his restaurant! so i told him that i had paid for a coffee, and he can either refund me or give me the coffee. at that point he was really pissed and went back to the cooking or something. i guess maybe even he realized he was being too much.

        i got my coffee. my friends say their food was good. i will never ever ever set foot in that place again.

      2. Thanks for the update, I haven't been there in about 4 months.

        1. Thanks for the update. I stopped in a few days ago for a cup of coffee and picked up a menu--definitely some interesting options on there. And a pretty good cup of coffee. Going forward it will be my #2 choice for coffee if the line at Diesel is too long.