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Sep 7, 2007 07:57 PM

Tazzo and Diner Deluxe in Calgary

It took 3 tries but I finally made it into Diner Deluxe. At 9:30 AM on a Tuesday it was still pretty busy. I was tempted by the chocolate french toast with fried bananas but since eggs benny are a real test I had the smoked salmon eggs benedict. The eggs were cooked perfectly and the hollandaise was impossible to improve upon. It's just too bad that no matter when we come on a weekend we can't get in!

Tazzo - my beef shawarma platter had dried out beef. I can handle crispy but I had trouble swallowing. My baba ganoush was good. My husband's chicken in a pita (no way I can recreate the proper name) was good. He said he liked the grilled pita but overall he prefers A&A. The pita provided with our platters wasn't warmed up. The other person with us had falafel and they were good but not outstanding.

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  1. Sorry to hear about your experience at Tazzo. Next time try TAZZA. It's fantastic :-). But honestly yours is the first semi-negative review of the place.... bound to happen; I noticed the inevitable backlash against Vogglio after pages of adulation over at car forums.

    chicken in a pita = shish tawouk

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    1. re: John Manzo

      i thought chicken in a pita = chicken shawarma?

      I've read the raves on Tazza on this board before as well, but when i went i was underwelmed. perhaps i just had overly high expectations, but for me, it was a pretty standard shawarma. Good, but not as good as i was led to believe it might be. Let the back lash begin! no, i kid. i'll still give them another try just to make sure. Since my favourite shawarma place has closed (i think it was called Sobey's? on Macloed tr S by the Callebaut head office... what happened to that place?), i've been hard up for a good shawarma.

      1. re: marcopolo

        If you don't mind the drive, and you're looking for a great chicken shawarma, try the Desert Deli in Forest Lawn. Family-run, plus they do their own baking if you want a nice desert dessert :)

        Desert Bakery & Cafe
        1830 52 St SE, Calgary, AB T2B, CA

        1. re: marcopolo

          There was a chicken shawarma but for some reason husband had the one John Manzo has so kindly provided the spelling for. I think it was described on the board as rotisserie chicken in a pita. Wasn't a bad experience other than my dried out beef. If I am over that way I might try it again. I'm just not seeing it as a place worth crossing town especially for.