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Sep 7, 2007 07:17 PM

Stone Barns Farmers Market

I have been meaning to get up to Stone Barns for a while now. Last month I saw on their website that they have a farmer's market on Wed. and Fri. We have been away a lot however, so haven't had the time. I finally made it up today and it was very nice!

First off, the members get to go an hour before hand, it started at 1pm for non-members and although I got in line (yes there was a line) at 1pm exactly, all the herbs were already gone. The salad mix was gone too. I was able to get a dozen eggs which I plan on doing something with tomorrow.
I bought Swiss chard which for dinner tonight I sauteed with some garlic, white beans and rosemary (fresh picked from my herb box). This was very good. I also got some tomatoes. The one I had at lunch (green zebra heirloom) was easily the best i've had all summer! I also got a bunch of "mixed asian greens" that I also tried at lunch once I got home and they were sooo good.
I went to the cafe but at this point my teething cutie patootie (aka lil sweetpea) was getting cranky so I opted for an iced latte to hold me over. This was one of the best iced lattes I have EVER had! All in all it was a nice drive up, took me 20 min. from Bronxville and would also be easily accessible from South-West CT or anywhere in lower Westchester.
For anyone with kids, they also let you tour the grounds and see the animals. If my dd were a little older we would have done that, but I think we'll save it for next time. Ohh, and people brought their dogs to walk the grounds as well. I think next time my husband needs to come and we can bring our "Romeo". Since he is a pug, he needs to wait until it is a little cooler though!

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  1. They also have the farmers market on Sunday, at least they did as of a few weeks ago. I thought the stuff was ridiculously overpriced, but obviously I was in the minority since there were two dozen people lined up to buy the stuff.

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      misterbill2, indeed stone barns is probably more expensive than most other farmers markets and restaurants, but my question to you is, lets say the average amount spent by person there is $30. lets say for argument sake, that those same veggies/meats etbought else where would be $25, or even $20 elsewhere, is this difference of $5 or ten dollars not worth it ( experience, support etc to stone hill and its vendors,), is this difference going to change anyones life to get fine quality food? I often am surprised by many chowhounds who have issue with this concept of having to spend a % more on a great meal, or great food, on in the big scheme of life, a tiny bit of money..your thoughts pls?

      1. re: intrepid

        They had zucchini for $3 a pound. That's more than just $5 more on a $30 purchase. To each their own.. I'm ok with the 99c stuff at Shoprite (and yes I do make sure I buy the thinner ones, although the Stone Barns zucchini were very nice.

        1. re: MisterBill2

          yes to each their own I agree, support your local folks if you can, if you can, if you can

          1. re: intrepid

            The grounds are lovely and I can easily see bringing a a baby and toddler to observe the animals, etc. But, for a cranky, picky, c'hound I have to say that there was close to nothing to buy the afternoon we went there. In White Plains we have a farmers' market on Wednesdays that we think is superior. The cafe snacks were good and the view was beautiful so I will return when the leaves change and sit out there and enjoy Pocantico.
            I have to agree with misterbill, zucchini is almost a weed at this time of the year. Why would I pay $3 per pound for it?Intrepid, being a c'hound does not necessarily come with the option of big bucks.

            1. re: lucyis

              I can see both points of view. While I spent $20 for the few items I purchased, when compared to other farmers markets I do not think the prices were exorbitant.
              -tomatoes @ $4/lb, is what I see at most farmer's markets.
              - Asian greens @ $5 1/2lb were a steal considering I pay $4 1/4lb (or $16/lb) at Union Square.
              Eggs were also comparable to what I pay at US .
              I don't see how you can possibly compare what you might pay at Shopright, or in my case Stop and Shop which is where I go for reg. groceries or to buy produce in winter sometimes.
              the quality of buying fresh from a market, well there is little comparison IMHO!

              I do agree that shopping at a place like Stone barns or any farmers market brings into discussion more than just economics. I would much rather support local agriculture. However, I would not pay extra $ if the quality were the same as the grocery store. To me there is nothing better that to buy fresh produce that needs nothing but a little salt and pepper
              I have been meaning to go to the White Plains FM ever since I saw it on the day we closed on our co-op. I just could never remember what day of the week it was on. Thanks for reminding me!

              1. re: SweetPea914

                all valid points, thanks..indeed the farm stand at stone barns does not compare in size to white plains, or ossining, or all the others in westchester, stone barns is not trying to compete with the other farm stands...they simply are offering another facet to stone barns that enhances the entire concept of stone barns....again the price difference in buying small amouns of veggies etc from stone barns every once in a while, with great quality probably does not change ones financial situation, its something we all should try to support, in our own small way..big bucks are not involved here, its an attitude, and a state of mind..its called

              2. re: lucyis

                I'm in agreement about Stone Barns offerings and find it REALLY REALLY EXPENSIVE...I like what they're doing, but come on, a dozen eggs for 4 bucks?? You gotta be kidding, as there are many local farmers at other markets selling their freeranged goods for far, far less...even as compared to family organic farms, Stone barn prices, and offereings, are out of control...I'll eat at the restaurant, as it's one of my all time favorites, but definately will skip the market.

                1. re: sixelagogo

                  Hmmmm, maybe I'm just crazy, or lived in Manhattan way too long, I honestly didn't find the prices too bad. Food Emporium on 86 and Madison charged as much as Stone Barns did, but FE had absolute crap! I have always shopped at Union square and I did not find the prices to be any higher. I have to admit the selection was much more limited. However price wise some items were much cheaper!
                  I'm quite surprised at the people that are so negative toward SB.

                  1. re: SweetPea914

                    I agree with you Sweatpea. While Stone Barns is slightly more expensive than other farm markets they are biodynamic and their produce is fantastic...not to mention the meats! Their chickens are to die for, the liverworst, sausages, ...all of it delicious and free from crap and fillers. I would pay whatever they charge to support such a fine farm.

                    1. re: OrganicLife

                      Good to know. I didn't have the forethought to bring a cooler, but was very interested in trying their turkey and pork products I saw. With your recommendation I will do that next time.
                      Their prices were really not any higher than our little Farmer's market in Bronxville and seriously, I have paid higher prices at Union square for some things, like I mentioned $16/lb for microgreens!
                      Even worse however, was (as I previously mentioned) I occasionally would pick things up at Food emporium on Madison. Just because there was no where else in the neighborhood until Gourmet Garage and Dean and Deluca opened. I remember one day they were selling tomatoes for $4.99/lb and they were disgusting! So I have no problem paying $4/lb for fresh produce from a farm that I believe in.
                      Glad to see I'm not the only one!
                      Plus it really is a nice day out with beautiful scenerey ;-)

                      1. re: SweetPea914

                        I've never been to the stone barns farmers market. produce definitely sounds more expensive, but if they've got a good meat selection, it makes sense if someone wants to buy produce in the same place.

                        Right now, the farmers markets in FF county CT (and I presume the same would be true in white plains) have awesome fresh organic tomatoes for between $2.50 and $3 a pound. And from the non organic farmers some had heirlooms for as little as $2 a pound on Saturday. That's cheaper than any supermarket and infinitely better.

                        But, most FMs around here have a very limited meat selection. So if you aren't buying a lot of volume produce and want meat selection, I could see how it would make sense to go to stone barns to get it in one place.

                        I just hope some day the economics of it all will get more like it is out west where farmers markets are much viable for consumers from a price perspective. It's a shame anyone should have to pay such a price premium for local food. But that's a topic for a different board.