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Sep 7, 2007 07:07 PM

Hot Places in LA

A friend asked where she can take a friend coming in from San Fran next Friday and Sat. She wants to take him to "cool" places with "atomosphere". If anyone can give me their top 3 or 4 choices that would be great.

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  1. Ok, make up your or hot??? :-)

    Top of the list these days has to be Pizzeria and Osteria Mozza.

    Hey, I'm behind the Orange Curtain so I'm not privy to much of the other stuff.

    1. You do realize how vague "cool", "hot" and "atmosphere" are, right? I'm going to assume that this translates to a laid-back vibe ("cool"), upscale clientele ("hot") with some people watching thrown in ("atmosphere").

      The hottest ticket in town is definitely Osteria Mozza. Plenty of celebs frequent the place if that's the type of scene you're looking for, definitely abuzz with activity. And to top it off, the food's pretty good, too.

      In that neighborhood, also, is AOC -- definitely a great people watching spot, certainly upscale but with it being a wine bar, it's a bit more low key than a traditional dinner-menu place.

      1. In no particular order:

        The Edison - for an uber Bladerunner atmosphere
        Takami and Elevate Lounge - dining with the LA skyline as a companion
        Catch - an oceanview only SoCal can provide

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          I would suggest the Tower Bar at the Argyle-"cool" in an old Hollywood way, the food is pretty good and the view of the city lights is nice. I saw many celebs when I was there. Also, Koi on La Cienega might fit the bill. Boa in Santa Monica or the Lodge on La Cienega are steak houses with "atmosphere."

          1. re: ipsedixit

            Second that on the Edison and Elevate/Takami. Both really cool joints... Go soon before they get pretentious...

          2. You haven't mentioned if the food needs to be spectacular. Penthouse at the Huntley and Whist at the Viceroy are both hip with decent food. Simon LA and the Stone Rose lounge too. For fantastic atmosphere, you really can't beat Edison.

            1. As others have, I'll mention both proper restaurants and bars.

              In Beverly Hills / Sunset Strip, try Blue on Blue at the Avalon Hotel or Skybar at the Mondrian... both very cool poolside bars, but on completely different scales. (Skybar is massive and downright overwhelmingly chic; Blue on Blue is much more intimate and low-key)

              In Los Feliz / Silver Lake, Tantra and Malo are both fun spaces with good food and drink.

              Then in West Hollywood, pretty much any hip place on 3rd or Beverly or Melrose -- there are a ridiculous number, as the majority of the top-rated restaurants in L.A. are all clustered here. The Little Door is a beautiful place with amazing food; AOC is a favorite of the small-platers (not enough veg options for me, but the meat-eaters all love it); Dolce is a cool place with good food and a flaming bar; Xiomara is the king of mojitos and makes you feel like you're Havana royalty in the 1950s; Providence is regarded by many as L.A.'s best restaurant, period.

              Finally, in Hollywood proper, if you just want a fun place to go mingle, the Cat 'n Fiddle is an enjoyable outdoor booze-filled zoo.

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              1. Great show. Can't wait for the Mozza episode. That said, anyone who can't get a rez at Mozza can just walk in. We've gotten tables pretty quickly the last few times we showed up.