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Sep 7, 2007 06:59 PM

asian markets north of boston?

Hi, All
I live on the north shore, and am wondering about asian markets north of boston. I am aware of the one in burlington, and the super 88 in Melrose (I searched archives of this board). I was hoping maybe Beverly? Salem?

I'm annoyed the local supermarkets (stop and shop, shaws, market basket) only sell nori in a cardboard box of 5 that prices to $9.40 for 10 sheets... I know they used to sell it by the seafood counter for nearly normal prices, but obviously realized they can turn rice into gold on their own, and don't want the competition.

Thanks so much


ps -- I'm new here -- I've attached a photo of a recent dinner I made as a hello to other Boston area foodies

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  1. Welcome..... gorgeous array of food!
    Actually, Super 88 is at 118 Commercial St., Malden.

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      Yes, Super 88 is the best - but if you don't want to travel as far (if you are further up the North Shore area), Lynn has a few small ones. There are a couple on Western Ave., and a newer one off on a side street. I just went by it on the way to the Greek festival last week, and cannot remember the name or the street! It's off of Western Ave, I think. Maybe some other chowhound will know... I've been there a couple of times & would say it's better than the ones on Western Ave - but the latter have good veggies (& good prices, too).

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        where is the new one in proximity to the old ones?

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          I found it! Full Moon Market on Commercial St. in Lynn. (Without a car, I let my fingers do the walking thru the google pages..) This one is about 1 or 2 years old, as I remember.

          Lynn has a few small Asian groceries. I have shopped at the two on Western Ave. in the past, (there is another one, but I can't add another link below- probably reached a max. I think it's Pallin Lynn Market on 859 Western Ave.) I also tried the Full Moon Market, as I mentioned before, but haven't tried the other two (New Angkor Thom & the Oriental Food Market) yet.

          Full Moon Market
          63 Commercial St, Lynn, MA 01905

          New Angkor Thom Market
          333 Essex St, Lynn, MA 01902

          Oriental Food Market
          30 Market Square, Lynn, MA 01905

          Super 99 Fish Market
          873 Western Ave, Lynn, MA 01905

          1. re: threedogs

            many thanks. been to super 99 and pailin before. hit full moon, oriental, and new angkor thom today. great finds

      1. Oh - I saw nori at the Price Right on the Lynnway (that place has the most amazing prices), but I didn't notice how much they are charging for it - it may be priced too high, since their tofu is ridiculous- almost $2 each (I get it for .99 at Trader Joes), but everything else is worth the trip, & then some.

        I stay away from the loose red potatoes, though - they tasted weird to all of us in my family - plastic taste. Haven't had a problem w/anything else. The store is not huge, and they carry a lot of generic stuff. But I save a lot of money by shopping there.

        Plus, if you JUST hit it right - they don't wait til the last expiration day to reduce prices on meats - they'll mark it down a few days before, so I've managed to pick up chicken for a very good price. They also have frozen fish (bought some, haven't tried it yet) and other meats, too.

        Your sushi presentation is AMAZING. Very, very nice! I just bought one of those knives in Chinatown - how do you like them? Also got a sharpening stone & am going to (try to) learn how to sharpen that knife on my own. I'm in culinary school now, & we have a grinder for sharpening our knives, but I don't want to ruin this on a grinding machine.

        Lynn, MA, USA, Lynn, MA

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        1. re: threedogs

          I got the knife from shinichi watanabe at He sells a standard quality knife in a set... range from about $150 to $200 for five knives, depending on what he's including at the moment. The steel is the same quality as much more expensive knives, and he keeps prices low on these models with machine grinding and cheaper handles -- a small sacrifice, in my opinion. I got a combination waterstone (can't remember the name at the moment, but I'll look up if you want) for around $35, and can get them shavin' sharp.

          Also, there is a sushi wholesaler in gloucester, called intershell. Sells all sorts of stuff (clams for raw bar at 30 cents each, for one thing), but you have to buy restaurant size portions.

          thanks for your response, best


        2. For the packs of 50 sheets of high quality yakisushinori, or for other real Japanese ingredients, it's worth the trip down I-93 to Union Sq (get off at Sullivan Sta and go up Washington St.) to Reliable Market. Then go up Somerville Ave. to Kotobukiya in Porter Exchange for anything you might not have seen at Reliable. The generic asian places just don't have all the Japanese items, especially the better, more expensive items. Reliable is Korean, but caters to Japanese - it's cheaper than Kotobukiya - and they have a meat counter where you can buy thin sliced beef for shabu-shabu/sukiyaki or thin sliced flanken style short ribs for Korean kalbi. The whole trip takes me a couple of hours - including stopping for a quick ramen or katsukare at Kotobukiya, and a box of an-pan at the Japonais Bakery kiosk. I can do the round trip in less than an hour (from Tewksbury) if I'm in a major need for one or two ingredients (and there' so rush hour involved). I can get the 50 pack of silver-grade nori, packed in Tokyo, for about $14.00.

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          1. re: applehome

            Thanks for posting this, applehome - I will def. check out both when I visit my daughter. That's a great price.

            I've shopped at Reliable before - love that store, been awhile since I've been there.

          2. Where is the Asian market in Burlington?

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            1. re: Salbert

              On Rte 3A close to 128, kind of at the other end of Mall Road from the Burlington Mall, pass Lahey Clinic, and when you hit 3A turn left (away from 128) and it is about 100 yds up on your right.

              1. re: raddoc

                Rt 3A North is also a direct exit off Rt 128 (I-95). China Merchandise is in a strip mall on top of the hill, on your right, as raddoc says.