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Sep 7, 2007 06:43 PM

Asheville-Brunch Rut.

I am stuck in a brunch rut. I always go to the same places, and want something new. Any suggestions? My regular spots are Corner Kitchen, Limones or Table. I know Sunny point is great, but there is always a considerable wait (from what I have been told).

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  1. Stoney Knob does a good brunch

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    1. re: leahinsc

      Pomodoros in East Asheville is a good place, but make ressies. I adored their crab cakes on Mother's Day.

      1. re: leanpig

        I've always had excellent meals at Pomodoros. Regular menu offers nice selections, specials have been seasonal with a "zing", lunch, brunch & dinner - they do a consistently delicious job with out the crowds, severely lacking service & prices of downtown. Wine selection is not bad either.

    2. sunny point is popular, but if you avoid peak time, the wait isn't bad. also depends on the size of your party; a 2-4 top will have much less wait than a bigger party.

      azalea is fairly good for brunch.

      i 2nd the stoney knob rec.

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        2nd Stony Knob, and would add Over Easy Cafe downtown - we had a good brunch there a few weeks ago. We had to wait around 20 minutes because it is so small.

      2. try southside cafe! fabulous for brunch. dinner also good--lunch is good, but the weakest of the meals. (i think the brunch cook is different than either the dinner or lunch cook.) they open at 9 on sunday, but don't seem to have their act together on specials until near 10. specials are very good. we like to eat outside. give it a try. i think it is better than corner kitchen or limones, which i agree are quite good.