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Sep 7, 2007 05:58 PM

ISO pitted sour cherries - pail

missed the boat getting my annual bucket when they were fresh - does anyone know where to get them now - probably frozen?

Cheers, b

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  1. They don't last long, do they? About the only thing you can get now are the bottled Hungarian cherries in the shops, and they aren't bad.

    For anyone's information, there are 2 producers immediately east of Blenheim, Ontario on old Hwy 3 - Colonel Talbot Trail. I believe one is called "Longo's(?)" and the other "Svek." No matter, if you are there, they are well signed.

    Those operations crop and pack those pails. If you are there in season, they can pull you a pail of perfect, pitted cherries BEFORE the sugar goes in. Cleaned, pitted, and ready to use, can or freeze.

    1. MacMillan's in Acton will have them. (There is also another location, but I can't recall where it is.) Check out the drop down menu under fruit.

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      1. Thank you all - had forgotten about MacMillan's in Ajax, and didn't know they're also in Acton. I've usually gotten mine in Niagara & also prefer them without either sodium erythorbate or sugar added. Find the frozen product IS better w sugar, so I add my own, depending on intended use. Cheers all, Barbara

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          Watch for pails at Highland Farms next July. They will only be there for a few days. My pail of just frozen reds went into a preserve with red currants from the back yard. It was $17, and no sugar needed to be added.

        2. Cherry Lane in Vineland (Niagara) has them year-round. They have other varieties too (e.g., sweet black cherries).