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A NEW Sam Adams: Hallertau Imperial Pilsner

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according to the blurb on the 6 bottle carrier: " a one of a kind brew that uses enormous, almost reckless quantities of Hallertau Mittelfrueh hops, 12 pounds per bottle. This beer is one of the hoppiest in the world. "

have any of you tried it yet??

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  1. a cloudy apple cider color with no head.

    1. "12 pounds per *bottle*"?

      Wow, I think you might have to measure that in EBU's (Extraterrestrial Bittering Units) <g>.

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      1. And just when I thought Sam Adams couldn't get any more hoppy. Yuck.

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        1. re: RachaelRaysConscience

          Sam Adams is hoppy?
          Not compared to the IPA I had tonight!!!

          1. re: niquejim

            Very, very hoppy (in my humble opinion). Now, IPA is supposed to be hoppy, but I find every Sam Adams product to be suprisingly hoppy. Your milage may vary.

            1. re: RachaelRaysConscience

              Sam Adams isn't hoppy. Bitterness in beer is measured in IBUs (International Bittering Units). Budweiser and Miller are around 10 IBUs, which is where the bitterness first becomes noticeable. Boston Lager is around 25-30 IBUs. IPAs and double IPAs see the IBUs go way up into the 80s and beyond.

              Whatever your own personal threshold may be, Sam Adams isn't a heavily hopped beer.

              1. re: RachaelRaysConscience

                Sam adams beers are generally mildly hopped. I think you may be averse to hops, which is ok. However if you could build up a tolerance to it a greater lad of beer awaits you.

          2. Has this hit the store shelves yet? Can't wait to try this year's version. Two years ago I got a chance to try some of the prototype for this beer at the brewery in JP and it was a hop bomb - who knew Hallertauer hops could give that piney, almost fruity aromas that some american hops do. Then SA released this in 24 oz bottles which was slightly different than the sample I had, but still highly hopped and quite delicious. They did not release it to the general public last year, but served a keg or two at fests and at the brewery - not quite the hob bomb it was a year earlier, but still quite tasty and drinkable. It all depends on that year's hop crop, how this beer comes out, so it is interesting to me to see the differences.

            I've had pretty hoppy SA lager in the Boston area -usually at the brewery though - not bitter, but alot of hop flavor and aroma for a lager. IBU's don't paint the whole picture.

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              1. re: MarkG

                Stopped at my local beer store yesterday and they said they were expecting to have it in today.

            1. If you like hoppy, try the Hop Devil from Victory in PA

              Not generally available in MA, but my friendly local beer store Rt 1 liquors, 1/4 mile from Gillette Stadium, has ordered it for me and it's an outsatnding beer. They now also carry Victory's Prima Pils, which won "Best Pils in America" a couple of yrs ago. Highly recommended.

              Look forward to trying the Sam Adams version, I'm a hoppy fan.

              1. As some have done in discussing this beer could we please draw further distinction between Imperial Pils and IPAs and Double IPAs (for example)? I'd hate for things to be almost exclusively focused on the "hop-power" of all of them. What is one looking for from an Imperial Pils versus a Double IPA and vice versa (both of which are profoundly hopped)?


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                1. re: Chinon00

                  Imperial Pilsner is a lager, first and foremost. Double IPA is an ale.

                  Imperial Pilsner will employ different hops than a Double IPA, using hops and malts appropriate for a pilsner.

                  Double IPA and Imperial Pilsner will have higher alcohol percentages and greater hop flavor than their standard siblings.

                  Some brewers view these labels as essentially meaningless and redundant.

                  Double IPAs, in my experience, are maltier, sweeter, and have greater hop presence than Imperial Pilsners.

                  1. re: Josh

                    Thank you for your learned response. My question was though to small degree rhetorical. In addition to being curious about the differences I was trying to emphasize that in reading some of the responses one wouldn’t think there were broad distinctions between Imperial lager and IPA or DIPA for example. And to me that is reducing each to merely a means to get a “hop-fix” which ignores much of what you’ve mentioned. Obviously APA, IPA, AIPA, DIPA and Imperial Pilsners are all “hoppy” but only recognizing that side of things is like skipping the middle and rushing to the end of a book.

                    Thanks again.

                    1. re: Chinon00

                      Well, after sampling the new hallertauer impy pils, I would say it IS all about getting a hop-fix. It seems to have lost its chewy malt from the 2005 version which leads to a more unbalanced beer that is all about hops and the hot alcohol . At 8.8% (with the alcohol flavors up front it seems more like 12%), its not all that drinkable.

                      Kind of dissapointed with this one compared to what they made the last two years. Even with hop bombs, its still about balance to make them drinkable. Maybe on tap, it will appear more rounded.

                      1. re: LStaff

                        Any idea how this compares to Victory Prima Pils. Which I found to be almost too hoppy to enjoy. But what a magnificent fluffy white head....

                        1. re: sjjn

                          Alot more hop aroma and flavor - but a different variety of hop which comes across fruity and piney- and SA impy pils is 8.8% abv, but drinks more like 12%.

                      2. re: Chinon00

                        Yeah I've had fewer Imperial Pilsners that I like than DIPAs, but that could just be because I don't see them all that often. Rogue's Imperial Pilsner is one of the best beers on the planet, IMO, but I have yet to have an Imperial Pilsner that even comes close to it. I chalk that up to the relatively small number of micro lagers. Rogue's take on the style is hoppy, but nowhere near as hoppy as their DIPA. It really does taste like a pilsner with some extra hop and malt.

                        Their DIPA is also one of the best around, I think. I'm sure their practice of bottling both these beers in opaque ceramic vessels is part of why they are so good (and so expensive).