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Sep 7, 2007 05:15 PM

Greek fest in L.A.?

Has anyone been to the Greek festival in years past? It's this weekend, down in the Culver City area. Is there anything that's a must-see or must-eat?

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  1. It's actually in the (small) Byzantine/Latino district at St. Sophia.

    No one else posted to this recent topic either:

    If you go tonight it's Free!

      1. We dropped by there today. There's nothing must-see or eat as far as I could tell. We had fun, but it's basically St. Sophia's church festival that they were smart enough to market as the LA Greek Fest. It's quite small, since it's held on what's probably their parking lot/school playground. It's $5pp to get in, food's extra. The food was fine, but didn't rock my world (we tried mousaka, pastitsio, Greek salad, and some cheesy filled filo dough.) One stand sold lamb dinners for I think $17. There were a bunch of vendors of your typical festival know jewelery, tie-dye clothes, random art. One vendor I'd check out sells various flavored balsamic vinegar. The tangerine balsamic was quite tasty, but I didn't feel like spending $15 per bottle. Oh, they do serve lots of alcohol, including Greek wines and ouzo etc.

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          Agreed. We went on Friday, so admission was free. Food was overpriced although I thought the Gyro was pretty good. They had some nice drink options. I went across the street to Papa Cristos and bought some food items (that were not available in the festival) and took some of them back into the festival and shared them there. The music was great and it was fun people watching.