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Sep 7, 2007 05:14 PM

chateau marmont vs bar marmont

can someone please tell me if they've been to either or both?

what is the difference between the two? one is the restaurant and the other is literally a "bar"?

what are the different vibes and which one would be better to relax and enjoy some good food (vs. stuffy)?

thank you in advance hounds!!

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  1. I have been to both but haven't been to Bar Marmont in years. I do love to go to Chateau Marmont for drinks as often as possible. The Chateau has a beautiful garden that you can eat and drink in and the food is much better than it used to be. I believe they hired a new chef a year or two ago to revamp the menu and revamped it is. The food and drink is not cheap for what it is. They charge hotel prices. The Chateau can also be a little intimidating at night. It is a spot frequented by celebrities so the door policy gets tight once the sun goes down. I really love it for lunch, much quieter. That atmosphere inside is also very cool and dark a specific to that hotel. Huge antique lamps, dark wood romantic without being precious in any way. Bar Mormont is a bar and gets rowdy like a bar they may serve food too but I do not really remember but I think so.

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      I forgot to mention, although the food is good at The Chateau I don't think of it as the kind of place I go for the food. Not a destination food spot. Great atmosphere.

    2. The Chateau is much better than Bar Marmont. With the Chateau you can sit either in the beautiful outdoor courtyard or inside which feels like you are in a secluded gothic mansion. They serve food and have a full bar. The Chateau feels like it has more regulars and locals while Bar Marmont seems very bridge and tunnel.

      1. wow... very interesting comments, i am very intrigued. so for a small group get-together/dinner, perhaps the Chateau may be the better option?

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          Bar Marmont, which now has the former chef from New York's The Spotted Pig, was recently reviewed, rather positively, in the Times:

          One of my coworkers went to Château Marmont for lunch over Labor Day weekend. Her report to me was of detached service, two inedible tuna salad sandwiches, a handful of fries, and two glasses of so-so wine, all of which somehow added up to $90.
          (Tip is automatically added onto all the checks at the hotel, by the way.)

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            I thought Spence was in charge of both kitchens, but definitely of the Bar. The Chateau does have a lovely patio, great for lunch, often celebrities if you're into that kind of thing. Very expensive, and according the The Knife, automatically charges 15% tip regardless of the size of your party or quality of service.

            The Bar, which no one's really explained and if you didn't know, is a separate building, located a little farther east on Sunset (like a half a block) but right on the Boulevard. It is definitely a bar, but has a nice table seating area kind of overlooking the bar. It's great for a small group, especially earlier in the evening. I recently went, it was 8ish, and place was considerably empty. Fun to watch the place fill later. My friends and I made our way through Spence's menu, and really, it's much better than before her. Lots of small plates, great for sharing; the oxtail bruschetta was delicious. Also entrees and desserts. The bar is dark, but also has a patio; not as open with views like the hotel, more intimate. I've always liked the bar, even just as a bar. The weekend crowds might be "bridge and tunnel," but during the week, I always found a nice looking group, mellow, just into being out and about. But it's not like I went every night or anything; crowds always change.

            You can see the full Bar menu on the website

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              Great description - I really liked Bar Marmont - only disappointment I remember was the wine list. Nothing reasonably priced and good and the one bottle we did order they were out of. Service is a lot friendlier in the Bar's restaurant.

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                bridge & tunnel?

                you must be a new york expat :)

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                  since when does la have a bridge and tunnel.

            2. VERY very help .... thank you everyone!

              1. I recently had cocktails and appetizers at Bar Marmont. As mentioned, it is separate from the hotel. I really liked the atmosphere. It was 'trendy', yes, but the staff was very friendly and helpful, not what you can often experience at a trendy spot. The drinks and food were excellent. Particularly after the review in the paper, I have been meaning to go for dinner. One caveat – 12 dollar valet! Which I think they must have in part given the location. At 5 or even 8 bucks, the world would use that parking lot for a night on the Strip. Still, I choked a bit forking it over.

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                  I've had fun times at Bar M but, Chateau gets the nod, primarily for the food and because I've never had to yell a conversation there.