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Sep 7, 2007 04:34 PM

[MSP] Jasmine Orchid

Hey, has anyone else been to Jasmine Orchid on Oak St. recently? What was your experience? I ask because the last two times I've gone (today and a couple months ago), it has been utter chaos. My soup was still delicious and restorative, but I feel sad to think that it is going downhill. Other impressions?

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  1. I've been there 3 or so times, and actually just today for lunch. I've never experienced utter chaos. I've always ordered the Vietnamese food off the menu and it's just as good as at Jasmine Deli. I really liked the Szechuan dumplings which I've never had at Jasmine Deli. Today I had the Jasmine pho (chicken, seafood, beef) and it was good. Not quite as rich a broth as Quang but miles better than Bona on Washington. One time I ordered a take out banh mi and since they're not ready made there it took them about 5 minutes to make one for me. The staff is friendly although because it's a bigger space they don't seem to have the same time to socialize as at Jasmine Deli. I hope they're successful as I've heard most things in that spot have failed.

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      Oh good. Today, perhaps my impression was different because I was sitting waiting for my takeout and kind of watching what was happening and it didn't look good. I heard Le say that they were down three staff, so hopefully it was just a glitch.

    2. There was a period a few months ago (maybe 6 months ago) when the food at Jasmine Orchid didn't taste as good as at Jasmine Deli. But it got better after a while. Now it seems like the food is back to its former yumminess. Papaya salad, Thai style, and chicken with rice are my takeout staples.