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Am I the only one who can't watch another minute of "Unwrapped"?

The premise is growing old. Too much emphasis on prepared foods and way too boring. Maybe once a month as a special...

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  1. I actually like the premise itself, and find food history an incredibly interesting topic. But there is something about this show that drives me insane too. The hosting? The editing? The cheesy-pun voiceovers?

    Good idea for a show, but I agree that it should be pruned back a bit.

    1. It's total hit or miss for me as well. The products all feel dated, and the factories blend into one another after awhile.

      Plus, the only thing I can think of when I see Marc Summers is how he is a rumored germaphobe. If you look closely, he never ever takes a bite out of anything - the camera cuts right before he can eat it.

      Now that George Duran is hosting "The Secret Life of..." it's really grown on me.

      1. Oh god. I have never really been able to handle the show; but it's some kind of personal problem I have with seeing foods in such bulk. It started with a show on ... it might have been tomato paste. They show a cute chub of red paste moving down a conveyor belt, la dee da, and then the camera pulled back and back and back to show a worker standing next to it and it was the size of a Volkswagen! I almost PASSED. OUT. Since then I dive for the remote when the show starts. Or, I would, if I ever watched FoodTV anymore.

        I mean, I'm aware we consume a great deal, and it takes mountains and boxcars to feed the masses, but just seeing tons and tons of anything moving along in a factory no longer holds any appeal for me. I get woozy even thinking about it, there's just something inherently revolting about that for me.

        1. When I was a kid, there was a show on every Saturday morning before the cartoons (this is the early 60s) called, seriously, Industry on Parade. It had a real Soviet feel about it as you learned that a steel mill could make ingots in a day that would stretch from Pennsylvania to Wisconsin or some such nonsense. Unwrapped reminds me a LOT of Industry on Parade. It has a real propaganda feel to it. They've had a couple of mildly interesting themes, but on the whole, it's like a half-hour press release.

          1. Marc Summers is unctuous, cheesy and way too droll.

            He also either has negatives of someone at Food Network doing something disgusting or else bought stock in the Network early, as he's hung on long past his talent usefulness, in my opinion. He actually hosted at least part of the last Food Network Chefs series and, if you watch the credits, appears to own a piece of several of those shows.

            I had not heard the germaphobe thing,, but it is absolutely spot on as far as describing his handling of food.


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              Looks like his has OCD http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marc_Sum... so that's probably where the germaphobe and handling of food issue stems from.

              Having said that, I've always found him more like a snake oil salesman - very slimy. And recently, when I happened to catch him on FN while channel surfing, looking stretched WAY too tight for someone who's 7 years older than I am. :-)

              1. re: Bob Mervine

                Take a look at the production credits for most of the shows on FN and you'll see his name.

                1. re: Bob Mervine

                  I have always disliked this show and I think it is primarily due to the host--I don't like him on that History Channel gameshow either. Was he famous for something at some point? I can't remember...

                  The premise could be fun--maybe have Alton Brown host it? Although in some ways he does the same thing on Good Eats.

                  1. re: coney with everything

                    I remember him from that Nickelodeon kids show Double Dare. I guess that's when his cheesiness (and possibly OCD with all those messy mazes) began...

                    1. re: thegingerbreadgirl

                      Yes, and the "slime" that got dumped on their heads... what was it with Nickelodeon and slime? Anyway, that's where his appeal is, and will always be... with kids/teenagers.

                      BTW, I don't like "Unwrapped." I'm over it.

                      1. re: thegingerbreadgirl

                        hahaha, i just posted the same thing below!

                        i can't get past the Double Dare thing...even though that was 20+ yrs ago...

                  2. I've been over this show for a while now.
                    How many times can they show candy tumbling in the big canisters while the coloring is added? Yeah, they tumble it so it gets nice and shiny - we get it already.

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                    1. re: mamamia

                      I also liked the premise of the show, but after a while it all looks the same. Mark Summers is not right for this show. I also can't stand that fake diner/soda shop set.

                      1. re: MrsT

                        I KNOW!!! They actually had a show explaining behind the scenes of Unwrapped expalining the fake set. So cheesy how everyone is pretending to be in a soda shop. They need a host who doesn't look plastic and actually tastes the food. This one needs canned (no pun intended). I like the Dean Brothers in Road Tasted-they have fun and eat the food.

                    2. I think it sometimes can be interesting to learn the history behind certain products, but of course that lasts only a couple of seconds before they show them pumping out products in a big manufacturing plant. And there's always some corporate person for each product spouting off about how they use "only the finest high-quality ingredients in our products" such as "partially hydrogenated soybean oil" and "high-fructose corn syrup".

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                        Quite frankly, I prefer "Made In America" with John Ratzenberger (from "Cheers") more (although JR can get a bit overbearing at times - often the scenes are too "set up"). Granted, it's not all food, but at least it's more interesting.

                      2. I don't know which I turn off faster, Summers or Sandra Lee.

                        1. I HATE that show! It's on after I eat dinner and it always makes me sick. Who's watching it?

                          1. I tune in for 5 minutes or so once in a while. but it gets old fast; it's mostly food moving down an automatic production line. I haven't seen any confirmation, but it sure looks like a series of brief infomercials.

                            1. I like the show, but it can be a bit boring. The host doesn't really do much to add to it. Oddly enough, on the specials where Alton Brown is explaining how things are made, or telling you about special restaurants, it's never that dry or boring.

                              The one thing I don't get is the motivation for these companies to be featured on Unwrapped. There is nothing appealing about watching a snickers bar being made, no matter how delicious the final product is. Let alone frozen burritos or anything that starts in a vat of goo. The only exception being the small chocolatiers that do everything by hand and you can watch them dip caramels, etc. Other than that? Gross.

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                              1. re: Azizeh Barjesteh

                                My wife and two preteen daughters love to watch the show with or without me. I am a culinary school grad and well seasoned Chef that made the jump to food manufacturing over 20 years ago, so seeing the process of how other foods are prepared is quite interesting to me and my family. I do apprreciate how the history of the food and company is touched upon. I am always amazed at the equipment and marvel at how engineers can take a process and envision with the folks that create the food product and devise a machine to produce the product in an efficient and safe and most of all quality manner. There are some aspects of the show I could do without, yes Summers can be a little goofy and the explanations of parts of the show are so dumbed down it can be insulting. I also question some of the operations that they feature, some being not so well operated from a sanitary point of view. All in all it can be entertaining and imformative

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                                  Wow a post that's not negative! Amazing!

                                  Marc Summers has freely admitted to his OCD, I don't think it affects the show. I think this show is interesting and he is fine as a host. He's been a host or producer of probably a billion shows now. It's nothing earth shattering, but he gets the job done.

                              2. I just can't help but think of Double Dare whenever I see Mark Summers.

                                1. Cannot stand that show!

                                  First, there's the migraine-inducing cheesiness of Mark Summers, who I remember from Double Dare 2000 (that guy has barely aged in 15-20 years). Then there's the content itself. I just find the production process behind these foods to be boring. If they concentrated on the history and personalities behind the products, it might be more interesting. What I dislike most about Unwrapped is the fact that nearly all the products they feature are candies/sweets or other bland, unhealthy, mass produced foods like potato chips. How about showing a wider range of goods which are produced in places besides factories?