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Sep 7, 2007 03:18 PM

Family Vacation in Orlando over Thanksgiving

Hi, we are taking a multi-generational vacation to Orlando over Thanksgiving and are wondering where we can have a traditional turkey dinner. Money is not an issue, but family friendly is a must, as we have 4 children ages 5-10. We are 14 people, including children, in all. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Before we have the conversation, please search this board for Thanksgiving and Orlando. There have been a number of threads, including some recent ones, about Thanksgiving dinners and buffets here. I'm actually researching the topic now.

    Then come back and telll us where you are staying, what kind of price range you are looking for -- as the price, for instance, at La Coquina may be more than you want to spend -- and then, I promise, we'll help.


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      Thanks for your reply. I am new to the board and had not checked previous posts. We are staying at the Marriot's Grande Vista next to Sea World. We will have transportation. As for price range, I cannot be sure, but I would say no more than $60 per adult. After reading previous posts, I am confused, as many of the area buffets seem to get mixed reviews. Thanks for your help! Leslie

      1. re: elwoodjp

        And the mix changes every year. Most hotels haven't finalized their plans yet on top of that.

        If your hotel is the Grande Lakes Resort, which includes the JW Marriott and the Ritz Carlton, you probably won't do much better than your choice of the buffets at those two hotels. Call the concierge desk and get their advice about pricing for each hotel's buffet.

        The Grand cypress is out of your price range, but the Peabody and the Gaylord Palms should fit your needs.

        But why leave the property if you don't have to?


    2. You might try the Renaissance Resort by SeaWorld. What they are most known for is one of the best Sunday brunches in Orlando, held in their huge atrium. You might check to see what they are doing for Thanksgiving. The brunch usually runs about $35 per adult, not sure what children's price is.

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        They have not reopened the Sunday brunch since their remodeling and, at last check, not doing a holiday buffet.

        howevver, please check and report back if they tell you differently, since what they used to do was very, very good.