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Sep 7, 2007 02:49 PM

Breakfast Places in Winchester

Are there any good breakfast places in Winchester MA.? I have been to Bagel Land on Main Street for an egg and cheese sandwich. It was okay but nothing great. I can't think of any other breakfast places in town. Where do you go for breakfast in Winchester? Thanks for any information.

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  1. With its enormous frosting-stuffed muffins, Gingerbread Construction Co. may or may not be your thing. Not really mine, but the appeal is virtually impossible to dismiss outright.

    Lots of stuff next door in Medford and some in Arlington, but I'm guessing you're specifically curious about Winchester?

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      There's breakfast place on Swanton St., I think the name is Frannie's.

      It's really good.

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        I have never heard of Frannie's. What's good at Frannie's? It must be near the Swanton Street Diner? I have driven on Swanton Street but never gone to any places for food.

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          Frannie's Restaurant, 32 Swanton St., Winchester is open for breakfast and lunch. It's on the same side of the street as Swanton Street Diner, closer to the gas station! It used to be Neno's Market (waay back when).

          It's a good little breakfast spot!

          Gingerbread & La Patiserie (sp?), don't do cooked breakfasts.

      2. re: finlero

        I have been to the Gingerbread Construction Co. numerous times over the years. I do like their coffee and muffins. I'm looking for a place that serves good homemade breakfast. I will be in Winchester so that's why I'm targeting Winchester. Thanks

      3. La Patisserie on Church Street (next to Catch) does wonderful croissants and other pastries. They do quiche as well so I wouldn't be surprised if they had some kind of egg-based breakfast option. I've been loving their ham and cheese croissants for close to 25 years now!

        1. Get yourself over to Cafe Dolce and grab some interesting Italian goodies with super coffee choices.

          1. Swanton Street Diner is a GREAT place for breakfast in Winchester. It's small, so there's a wait sometimes (esp on the weekends), but it's worth it. They serve breakfast until 2 pm every day.

            Pancakes and Waffles are outstanding. Eggs are good. They have a selection of "benedict" style entrees.

            Swanton Street Diner
            72 Swanton St, Winchester, MA 01890

            1. Hands down you should go to Swanton St. Diner for breakfast. IMHO it is clearly the best breakfast in Winchester and, as someone mentioned they serve breakfast until 2:00PM. You may have to wait in line for a table depending on when you arrive but it is worth. Thei food is great!!

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                Frannies is the best.. Friendly service. VERY CHEAP prices......and a good meal. You can get pancakes, omlettes, french toast, cofee, etc. the place is mostly word of mouth ...but its packed every morning and esp Fri/Sat/Sun mornings. - Frannies is open I believe 7:00-1:00 or maybe 2:00 ish....for the AM and lunch crowd. =) Nice little hole in the wall place. =) in what used to be an old Market. I especially love the french toast and pancakes